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5 weight loss tricks that actually work!

Losing weight is hard.

I should know because I’ve been trying to lose weight for two months now and only succeeded in losing 1kg.

Crash diet is an obvious no-no and I’m not one for strenuous workout.

For those like me out there, I have discovered a list of unconventional tricks you can try while eating a balanced diet and regularly exercising and hopefully you (and me) will be trim in no time.

  • Have a weight-loss goal

You can decide you want to lose 10 pounds or more or less, within 2 months. This goal will motivate you especially if there is an important occasion you want to look trim for. But remember, set realistic goals, you will endanger your health if you lose weight too quickly. Your aim should be to lose about 2 pounds in a week and 16 pounds in 2 months. Believe me, that’s a lot.*convert pounds to kg*

  • Repaint your Kitchen

Have you noticed that most fast food restaurants are painted with bright colors like Red or yellow? That’s because bright colors “stimulate” your appetite. But colors like Blue, have a “calming effect” and might even “suppress” your appetite. So repaint your kitchen with a dim color. Crazy one right? Well if you believe your bed sheet can affect your dreams, it shouldn’t be too hard to believe. Here’s an even crazier one:

  • Buy ugly dishes

This will definitely work with me.

A wise lady (me) once said that everything in a fancy wine cup tastes better, even water. And you know the better something tastes to you the more you’ll eat it or drink it. Presentation can play a big role in the way something tastes to you, just Imagine eating with a stainless plate instead of the fancy floral porcelain plate you’re used to. You might deny it now, but believe me, you’ll eat less.

So get yourself some ugly plate, preferable saucers, so you can eat in small portions

  • Get Hot

Have you noticed you tend to eat more when you’re cold? You drink a lot of hot cocoa and the likes too. So anytime the weather is cold or the AC is cranked high, instead of eating to get warm, do some exercise, run around the house or get a thick blanket. Try to Sweat and drink some water or low-fat milk. That tin of Pringles won’t make the cold go away.

  • Barbecue

Ditch the vegetable oil and grill instead! Grilling is a low fat cooking method and produces delicious meals. So invite a couple of friends over and have a barbecue, you can grill chicken or fish.

Sounds yummy right?

Trying to lose weight is hard like I said before, but it gets easier if you think of it less as a task and more like an enjoyable hobby. You can get your friends to do these with you and make it more fun. Wouldn’t it be so cool to wear a crop top or a 2 piece bikini?

I am, @Lord__Nina

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