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Steps to take when learning a new skill

There was a recent brouhaha in a friend’s family. A relative came to learn a certain skill and after about 3 weeks left.

The said relative complained the lessons where too slow.

The teacher said she was teaching the best way she could.

Today’s youth are so impatient, they just believe everything should work like magic. But that’s not how it should be, if it were so, we wouldn’t have to study till Ph.D. level.

Before you decide you want to learn any trade or skill, you have to mentally prepare yourself that it might take time. It all depends on the type of skill you want to learn and your rate of learning the skill. After preparing yourself mentally and you decide you still want to carry on with learning the skill or trade:

You have to watch: watching is totally different from looking. You watch with a deep understanding or interest while, you look to see. So if you want to learn a skill, like; make up or baking. After having your basic questions answered, watch your teacher keenly and observe all you’re been practically told or taught. This stage is important because, you’ll master an act more if you see an expert try it first. No matter how someone explains how to bake bread to me, I’ll understand and probably never forget if I watch a baker at work.

And wait: I know waiting can be painful, you want to try it nownow. Maybe you’ve seen your teacher do something and you want to do it immediately. Remember you’re learning that skill or trade for a reason, you didn’t wake up and realize you could do it. Have a little patience and follow the required stages and procedures needed for your lesson. Your teacher will assign that task to you when he/she feels you’re ready. So, calm down. You’ll get your money’s worth of lessons.

Before you can practice: so you’ve watched and you’ve waited, congratulations, it’s time to practice now. At this stage you are fully ready to implement all you’ve been taught. In practicing, do not start with the high tasks, start with the small ones then gain confidence, grow and move unto higher tasks. Be prepared to make mistakes because believe it or not you’re not an expert yet. Never assume you’re an expert, call your superiors when you need advice or assistance and make sure you learn from them.

It’s like learning how to drive. The driving instructor makes you watch a while, then tells you what to do then watches you practice. It would be unwise that a month after driving school you hit the high way, no matter how good you think you are, you still need to practice on street roads before you can start playing Paul Walker (RIP), and drifting like you’re in Fast and Furious.

So more grease to your elbow as you learn a new skill.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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