Month: August 2016

10 Facts about fibroid

Someone shared a testimony that doctors found 3 fibroids in her and on the day of the operation she pooped them out. I didn’t even know that was a huge miracle, because the only time I heard talks about fibroid was that it made a woman unable to conceive. So for the few ignorant out there like me, here are things you should probably know about Fibroids.

You’ll quit your job after seeing this 10 weird jobs and how much they pay

Desperate times call for desperate measures. You never really know what this means until you’re broke, without a dime to your name anywhere. That’s when your creative juices start flowing and you’ll hear people applying for jobs as Gumologists and fountain pen doctor. Apart from the fact that these weird jobs really exists, they pay surprisingly well. You’ll quit your job after seeing this 10 weird jobs and how much they pay. So fellow Pitakwans, If you are abroad or travelled and cashless, no need for you to wash corpse – like we hear our brothers do over there – here are a list of pretty unconventional things that you could do to get loads of cash.

Do you talk to your child about sex?

Sex education is a taboo subject in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Adolescence is an age when children’s body undergo various changes. Children are curious about about these changes. They try to get the information from different sources as a result of which they are misguided. We as a parent have the responsibility to guide the children in the right direction and to answer all their queries.

Yummy Mummy in Port Harcourt

Most women spend all their spinster life looking good, they wear the nicest clothes, make the most fashionable hair, they ensure everything is on flick. Then they get married, and start giving out most of their fashionable attires and switch to Aso okes and bubas. By the time the first baby comes, they’ve completely forgotten what it means to look good. They only live for their baby and to them that means ditching anything that would remotely make them look hot and tying wrappers around their chest all day.

Sex During Pregnancy

There are two things an expectant couple needs to bring to the bedroom when contemplating sex during pregnancy. Especially when the female is in her last trimester, huge, wobbly and unsteady on her feet. Your hormones are raging and sometimes you want to drag him by the hand and make some sweet love to him while at other times you just want to drag his eyeballs out because…., you don’t know, he just seemed so annoying at the time and then you burst into tears because he can’t understand why you’re feeling this way and neither do he. Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions that’s for sure.

Guys this is what it means if you see blood in your urine

What does it mean when a guy sees red in his pee rather than yellow? – or white or whatever the colour of men pee is. Sometimes it might be blood, somethings it might be some foods; foods like berries can change your pee color. The only way to know whether it’s blood or food (since you can’t taste it) is to go to a doctor and run tests. If you sight blood in your urine it’s actually serious, so be very afraid. The medical term is gross hematuria and the color of the blood may range from slight pink to brown to thick dark clots. So don’t just relax till it looks dark red. In a study, 47% of people who had gross hematuria were diagnosed with a kidney or urinary health problem and 41% out of the 47 had bladder cancer.

Child Abuse: I Am Innocent

I was barely twelve at the time. Mama had sent me to buy some food items. I remember what I wore that day; a short skirt but not so short and an oversized t-shirt. Mama never let me wear anything clingy because my body was slightly developed for a twelve-year old. I walked very quickly because Mama needed the items urgently. I was already close to the market when I reached in my pockets and realized I had forgotten the money Mama gave me. Disgruntled, I stood at the same spot for a few seconds cursing my forgetfulness. Just then, a motorcycle drove past me. The driver screamed, “Comot for road!” very loudly as he rode past. I made to quickly jump out of the road when a hand swept across the road and smacked me hard in the buttocks. I was dumbfounded. The man in the passenger seat of the bike had smacked my ass. I stood at the same spot trying to grasped what had just happened. Everyone seemed to not have noticed …

3 Things that are falling apart in Port Harcourt

These times are challenging. A lot of people struggle to provide food on their table, there is no constant power supply in so many parts of Port Harcourt and people sleep with one eye open in some areas of Rivers State due to challenging security situation. The good news is that Pitakwa people who are resilient, find ways to solve these challenging situations. This post is about these things that is falling apart in Port Harcourt and what can be done.