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3 Reasons Why Cougar-ism is on the rise in Port Harcourt

My Port Harcourt babes how una dey? Report reaching me from my HQ is that there is a scarcity of men to marry as the older women are taking over the ones in your age group.

Tell me it is not true.

Why would a vibrant young man be willing to get into a relationship with a cougar old enough to be his mother or grandmother as the case may be? If this isn’t worrisome then I don’t know what is.

The term “cougar” AkA Sugar mummy refers to older women who hunt or prey on seemingly defenceless young men. While most are widows or divorcees, some married women in search of excitement, rejuvenation and youthful nostalgia have no qualms cheating on their husbands with “young blood”.

While it may be a bit of a conundrum, that young men may have relationships with married women, it isn’t entirely farfetched. First off is the financial aspect.  Older women know how to take care of a man and they spoil the young’un silly. Within a month, he’s sporting a brand new Rolex and iPhone. In 6 months, he’s driving a new car and in a year he has moved into a tastefully furnished apartment. The temptation is hard to resist. Older women know what they want; there is maturity and self confidence and they have little or no time for games. There is a certain motherly quality about them that would make a man feel nurtured and cared for, also most of the time they are too busy to be as needy as younger girls.

And for the cougars; there are 3 major reasons why women fancy men younger than them, and here they are:

Sexual stamina at its peak

Men are at their sexual peak between ages 18 – 29, while the sexuality of a woman just blossoms when she reaches 30. Therefore sex with a younger guy would definitely be better as there is a lot of energy in a 20-something year old male that is lacking in her 40/50-something year old husband. They have more stamina; they are virile and eager to please. And generally men in their 20s don’t require much sleep; they can stay up all night. LOL.

It is an adventure

He is fun to date. There is a certain adventurous feel to being with a younger guy as he still views the world with some naivety and has a lot of energy. He knows all the cool new places in town. When his lady is feeling like a quiet night, he knows the perfect secluded and serene spot to take her to. Or when she wants to turn up, he knows the bouncer in that super hot VIP club. She is older than him so he definitely keeps her on her toes and that can be exciting for her. He makes her want to look her best always and makes her feel young and energetic too. Vibes are contagious.

She is in charge of the relationship

Some women like to be in charge and can hardly take control of the relationship if they are with a man their age. But with younger men, they can lead and he will follow simply because he’s in awe of her, he sees her as being more worldly and experienced. She lavishes him with money and gifts so she can have the upper hand always. She can call him at 2am and he has to go to her. He has little or no choice because if it seems like he is “growing wings” and starts being assertive, refusing to meet up with her when she calls him, she either gets someone else or yanks off his allowance and he’s back to being a lap dog.

I hear in some circles, women are compared to wine “the older the better” I think that’s just something started by cougars to entice younger men because everyone knows freshly plucked oranges will always be juicer than stale ones. However, I ’m quite sure there are a lot more pros to dating younger guys. Pitakwa women looking to get married, take note of all these and you have the advantage. Be older mentally but still stay looking young and beautiful. Put on your hunting gear and save your men from these predators.

Peace, Love and abundance.

Ms Ssygala, is the mother of two rambunctious kids and blogging is her last line to sanity

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