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3 Crazy things that boost Intelligence

When you think about getting smarter, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is studying, and studying some more. But nobody really wants to do that. We want to get smarter, and boost our intelligence and we want it to be a little easy. Well, I did some research and I found 3 super crazy things you can do to boost your intelligence. And I mean, really crazy!

The last one will blow your mind, I promise. (I know it blew mine)


So apparently there is something called the “Mozart effect” and it refers to and I quote “the memory boost in spatial reasoning power caused by listening to one of his (Mozart) piano sonatas” (you might think I’m lying but after I play Piano tiles, I actually feel so smart.)

Anyway, Mozart’s sonatas are not the only type of music that boost spatial reasoning and memory. Good music that has an effect of making you pause, listen and think deep can also produce the kind of effect Mozart does.

So when you’re relaxing, sitting on a chair, lying in bed, driving in your car; listen to your favorite “soothing” music. That simple act is boosting your memory and intelligence.

Notice I said soothing? Terry G’s kind of music don’t count.


Crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, numerical puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, puzzles, puzzles…

The brain needs to work, it’s not a vegetable. When you have to think about a question or a game carefully in order to answer correctly or put it together properly, you’re exercising your brain. Like other parts of the body, the brain performs better when it’s exercised.

So stop thinking puzzles are only for kids, they are great for adults too. “They extend your dendrites, the antennae of your brain’s neurons”.

So the more you play puzzle games, the more you improve your intelligence.


What type of Gum? Chewing gum!

I’d really wish I could give my teachers and elders a piece of my mind because all these years they told me chewing gum was bad.

Well, to be fair, excessive chewing of gum causes tooth decay.

As crazy as it seems, chewing gum boosts intelligence. Everything that has a disadvantage has an advantage after all.

Some years ago, some British researchers found that chewing Gum boosted heart rate and helped with short term recall. Scientists aren’t clear why but they suspect it’s either because

  1. the faster heart rate delivers more oxygen and glucose to the brain or
  2. saliva triggers a surge of insulin, stimulating learning and memory receptors.

So there you have it folks, listen to some Mozart, play some puzzles and chew a lotta gum (remember your teeth though) and you’ll be very intelligent

I am, @Lord__Nina

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