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8 Awesome benefits of eating carrots

If I say:

What’s up doc?

Tell me the first image you picture isn’t bugs bunny. And lie that you don’t picture him chewing on a carrot as he’s leaning against a tree.

That orange colored vegetable he’s chewing is popular among humans too and for very good reasons.

Did you know that:

Carrots are extremely rich in Vitamin A?

Ever heard of Carotene? It’s a key ingredient in most body lotions, because it’s good for the skin. Carotene is a pro-vitamin derived from carrots we eat that gets converted into vitamin A by the liver and stored in our body.

Carrot is also rich in sodium, sulphur, chlorine and contains traces of iodine. These are trace elements that are good for our body. When eating carrots, it is advised to leave the skin unpeeled because the mineral contents lie very close to the skin.

Because of the rich alkaline element in carrots, it purifies and revitalizes the blood?

Carrots also nourish the entire system and help maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Carrot juice aka “miracle juice’ strengthens the eyes and keeps the mucus membranes of all the cavities of the body in healthy condition?

Carrot juice is also effective in curing ailments like intestine colic, colitis, appendicitis, peptic ulcer and dyspepsia.

It is also beneficial for dry and rough skin (remember the carotene?).

Carrot seeds should however be avoided during the early period of pregnancy because it increases the toxicity of uterine wall and may cause abortions.


Chewing a carrot immediately after food kills all the harmful germs in the mouth?

Carrots clean the teeth, removing all the food particles lodged in the various crevices in the mouth. It also prevents bleeding of the gum and tooth decay.

Regular consumption of carrot prevents formation of gastric ulcer and other digestive disorders?

Chewing carrots also increases saliva production and quickens digestion by supplying the necessary enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Carrot juice plus spinach juice and a little lemon juice is an effective remedy against constipation?

It wouldn’t work immediately but with time it would. The recipe is to add 50ml of spinach juice with 250ml of carrot juice and a little lemon juice and you’re good to go. Constipation, bye bye!

Carrot soup has been found to be an effective natural cure for diarrhea?

Taking carrot soup checks the growth of harmful bacteria and prevents vomiting. This is especially useful for children with diarrhea. Boil half a kilo of carrot in 150ml of water till it’s soft, strain the pulp, add ¾ tablespoon of salt. Small amount of the soup should be given to the patient every half an hour. Noticeable differences usually occur within 24 hours.

Carrot helps eliminate thread worms in children?

Thread worms are dangerous parasites that tend to affect lots of children. Taking a small cupful of grated carrots every morning with no food added to the meal will clear the offensive parasites in no time.

There are quite a few ways to enjoy carrot, eating it raw is the best way though because all the minerals are intact, but apart from eating it raw, you can boil and make a soup out of it or blend and make a juice out of it.

Don’t let bugs bunny have all the fun.

So, what’s up doc?


I am, @Lord__Nina

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