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4 ways to increase your fertility and get pregnant

Making babies is a fun business. But it starts getting frustrating when you’ve tried and tried and tried. After going to the hospital again and again for all the necessary checkups and no red flags come up, you may want to give up. Do not dismay though, if there isn’t anything wrong with you or your man, it might be time for you to look at your life style.

Here are four things to do to increase your fertility and improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Improve your diet

Food and fertility are linked.

So for both male and female, the sooner you start eat healthy, the better your chances of getting pregnant or being able to get your female partner pregnant. You need to start eating a balanced diet because it will boost your chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby. Instead of the everyday junk, eat food low in fat, high in fiber, fruits and vegetables, yogurts, cheese, milk. Healthy stuff. Avoid food high in cholesterol and calories.

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Break bad habits

If you’re trying to have a baby, you will need to cut out a couple of things, like Alcohol, recreational drugs, cigarettes and even caffeine.

Research on whether Caffeine affects fertility is mixed, so to be on the safe side you might need to cut it out of your diet entirely

Take supplements

If you eat a balanced diet, you might meet all the nutritional needs of the body. But there’s no harm if you take some more Vitamin and mineral supplements. This is a safe guard not a substitute for balanced diet. So taking supplements shouldn’t stop you from eating healthy.

For men, Vitamin C and E, zinc and folic acid are important for making healthy sperm.

For women, at least 400mcg of folic acid should be taken a day, and you can take multivitamins pill formulated specially for pregnant women because regular over-the-counter multivitamins may contain mega doses of vitamins and minerals that could be harmful to a developing baby.

Calcium rich food and folate rich food (dark green leafy vegetables; spinach or kale) can also enhance chances of conception

Find your ideal body weight

Did you know that your weight affects your Ovulation? Losing weight drastically or being obese may cease your ovulation. So if you’re attempting to get pregnant, you will need to shed some pounds or gain a few if you’re underweight.

Being underweight can make getting pregnant hard and people who are overweight tend to have more pregnancy and birth complications.

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If you need to lose weight, ensure you do it right because extreme weight loss can deplete your body’s nutrition and that is not a good way to start a pregnancy.

Remember. Good things take time, so stop stressing yourself and have fun trying to make babies.

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