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Dangerous effects of Skin Bleaching

Are human beings ever going to be satisfied?

They complain of the rain, the sun, food, their hair… almost everything.

People are constantly enhancing their body parts, bigger boobs, smaller boobs, pointier nose, flatter tummy, etcetera.

One of the most sought-after looks for Africans these days is to be light skinned, it’s such a pity that people keep saying ‘black is beautiful ‘ yet they want to change their skin tone, how will people believe black truly is beautiful if you’re not comfortable in your black skin colour.

Even Americans get tanned for a darker skin tone.

Skin Bleaching, also called skin lightening, whitening or Toning is usually obtained using some cosmetic products usually in form of Lotions, oil, serum even soaps.

Contrary to belief, there isn’t any “bleach” in these products, the ingredients that make up a skin lightening products work to hinder the effectiveness of Melanin which produces the black coloring of the human skin. hence the coinage “skin bleaching”.

These products are usually made up of Mercury, Hydroquinone, niacinamide, kojic acid, arbutin, lactic acid, tropical retiniods and so on.

Most of these ingredients are very effective but their side effects are dangerous.

The two most dangerous ingredients are;

Mercury: this is a metal that blocks the production of Melanin.

Hydroquinone: powerful but toxic, it destroys the outer layer of the skin.

I should probably mention that sometimes dermatologist recommend some skin lightening products for skin problems like Acne scars, age spots, scars and other skin pigmentation issues. But the patients are advised to use it in a certain way and within a short period of time.

When mercury and hydroquinone, which are the most active ingredients in these bleaching products, are used over time the effects are life threatening.

Major visible effects of bleaching creams

Skin darkening and dark grey spots

At first these products will lighten you, but over time it will darken the skin because of the constant exposure of the air, sun and chemicals.

Neurological and kidney damage.

A high level of Mercury when exposed to the body could cause mercury poisoning and this can lead to neurological damage, kidney damage even as bad as birth defects and psychiatric disorders.

Thinning of the skin.

Melanin helps to an extent to protect the skin against the harsh sun. When you bleach and block or reduce its efficiency, your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun and UV light. The skin becomes more red and the veins are even more visible than normal.

Increased risk of cancer

Hydroquinion increases the chance of cancer, it encourages cells to develop cancer and even known to cause respiratory problems.


This is what most skin whiteners suffer most.

When you over use skin whitening products, pigmentations start to build up in the extremities of the body ( foots, ears, knees, etc) they start to look darker and mismatched, this is what we call coke and fanta body. Also, the skin on the face become thin, especially around the eyes.

Other effects are Acne, swelling of the skin, some cases osteoporosis, cataracts and a few other damages.

Hydroquionon and mercury shouldn’t be used for a long period of time, they might not have immediate adverse effects, but they are slowly sipping into your systems and doing a lot of damages, cancer scares are already everywhere, no need to enable more.


If you must lighten, Look for products with out hydroquinon and mercury, be on the look out for products that contain Vitamin C or E. They are also natural ways to lighten such as by using Lime and lemon which have natural bleaching effects.

There is nothing wrong with your colour, you’re beautiful the way God made you. But if you feel you must lighten your skin, look for natural, less toxic products to do this, they are not harmful and there is no side effect.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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