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How to shave without bumps (for men)

For those guys who aren’t ‘team beard gang’ shaving is invasive and if not done the right way, that simple act of removing facial hair with a sharp metal blade can turn ugly, leaving a face full of bumps.

We all know how unsightly bumps can be and they are so hard to get rid of.

With these few steps, you are guaranteed a bump free, smooth as a baby’s bottom, face.

Use a sharp blade

Blades are advertised to be used 4 to 5 times, but just to be on the safe side, you should use them less than that because the more you use, the less sharp they become. The reason you need to use a sharp blade is because, using a blunt blade might require you putting too much pressure and you run the risk of cutting yourself. So use sharp blades and be gentle whilst shaving.

Use a facial scrub

Facial scrubs are great for a lot of things but most importantly, they exfoliate your skin: dead cells and impurities that cause ingrown hair, acne and the likes are removed. Facial scrubs open your pores and helps raise stubs for a closer shave. So use a facial scrub just before your shave. Your face will look and feel smoother after a scrub and it does miracles for your complexion too.


Lubricate! Lubricate! Lubricate! You should only use shaving formulas that have a lot of lubrication. You want to shave your hair, not scrape out your skin. A good shaving cream is supposed to do all the work while your blade just sort of glides through to take out the hair. So pre-shave oils are quite necessary.

Shave while showering

It’s best to shave after a warm bath. Your hair becomes soft and your pores open up.

Avoid harsh products

Harsh products like menthol and co. avoid any product that stings or numbs your skin after shaving. Your skin is vulnerable now and any strong chemical like alcohol can create microscopic swelling and damage your skin.

To have super smooth face. Shave lightly with the grain and then apply a coat of shaving cream and shave against the grain.

Avoid alcohol on your face like a plaque, any product with alcohol is not advisable, this is your face guys, treat it nicely, moisturize regularly and incase of irritation, use anti-inflammatory and pore clearing ingredients – that have been proven functional – don’t go and be a products guinea pig.

I wish you a bump free face.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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