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How to be creative in Port Harcourt

The word create is different from make. To make is to use what exists and produce something similar. Creativity here refers to making something from nothing that does not exist before. For example, when artists in Pitakwa creates new songs which nobody has produced before, they are creative. This post teaches some tips that will help you to become a star in Port Harcourt.

Connect to your source

An understanding of where power, strength, might, wisdom comes from is a plus in achieving greatness. God is indeed the true source of creativity and connecting to God is one way to greatness.

Take some time to think and meditate

Creativity comes from the inside. It lies deep within. It takes great efforts meditating on the greatness inside and bringing it out. This is just the difference between creative and non creative people. Dig deep, it lies in the inner man.

Work at nights if you can.

Wake up, its time to work and not sleep. I researched some great men and women and discovered that when men and women are sleeping, they were creating things they will use when they wake up.

Read and write                             

Applied knowledge is power. When one combines what one knows with pictures in the creative minds, the result is greatness. How can one know except one reads. Writing is recommended here because as one reads, you can begin to at least combine words no one has used before as a creative writer.

Begin to combine and put one on one together

One plus one is equal to two. If one never put one and another one together, two will never be created. Nigerian naira for example is losing value because we are not producing any thing. If as a nation, we create and produce every thing we need and export also, naira will be the currency other nations will be looking for.

Do not be discouraged

Creativity is tasking. To create this post alone took a sleepless night. If you don’t encourage yourself, who will encourage you?

Just do it

Create that stuff you are made off. There is nothing sweeter than seeing your product being used by others.

There is no better way to feel the spirit and culture of Port Harcourt other than being creative. Are you one of the creative minds? If you are one of them, let me know in the comment section.

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