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Sukumba and 4 other Things Port Harcourt women can’t do without

Port Harcourt, a beautiful city, seemingly calm and serene to a visitor and yet so filled with many sights and sounds. Of the many exciting things in Port Harcourt, the women remain its most interesting possession. PH women are referred to in some circles as the most beautiful women in Africa and the crowning of Agbani Darego as Miss World 2001 only served to confirm that. However, maintaining beauty and high fashion is no child’s play and PH women certainly go out of their way to ensure they stay at the top at all times.

This post delves in a little deep, tracking through those things Pitakwa women love, and why they cannot do without them.


Now all women love money, but the ladies of Pitakwa do not play with theirs. You can randomly stop a female on the streets of Lagos and take her for a good time but according to research, just spending time “chatting” with PH babes comes with a price tag. Based on this, expatriates and aristos are usually most sought after as they tend to be the ones willing to pay what they ask.

And as that little space between Port and Harcourt hides the word “discretion”, everyone goes home happy.

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In Hollywood, being a cougar is something of a fashion statement. Most women that date younger men always seem to be doused with some youth elixir. My friend Yemi a 30 year old architect got posted to a site in PH and on his second day at work he was accosted by an elderly female who offered him $2000 to sleep with her. She was married and couldn’t be any younger than 50 years according to him.

My guess is that Port Harcourt women got the memo from the cougars in Hollywood and love to date younger men and shower them with money and gifts.


Calabar girls apparently aren’t the only ones that can tie a man down with her kitchen skills. Port Harcourt women too hold it down in the kitchen and love to cook as much as their men love to eat. They know how to take care of their men.

In other parts of Nigeria Boli and Fish is a novelty, but in PH it’s a regularity. Afang and garri is a common delicacy as well.

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Coitus is referred to (in some circles) as sukumba or suku in Pitakwa and the women like to have a lot of it as with the men. There are a lot of brothels and strip clubs in PH for those who love the nightlife, and in the Garden city, the question is who doesn’t?

Apparently sex is also used to pay bills when women are short on cash. Sex with older men, sex with younger men, sex with one another… PH babes are supposedly no holds barred when it comes to sukumba-ing.


I guess with the amount of suku that goes on as stated above, the equation has to be balanced as Port Harcourt women are also very religious. There are so many churches in Pitakwa and they are widely populated by women.

Port Harcourt is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Africa and no one goes there and comes out of the garden city without a tale or 2 of the females and their exploits.

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