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AIESEC Port Harcourt ends Project PINK Cancer Awareness Campaign

AIESEC Port Harcourt, a student-run non-governmental organization (NGO) recently concluded its Project PINK Cancer Awareness Campaign for 2016. The campaign which is themed “Eliminating the myth about cancer to reduce cancer insurgence” this year, began on the 25th of June, 2016 and just concluded on the 2nd of July, 2016. It covered 2 communities, 5 secondary schools and 2 tertiary institutions in Rivers state.

Project PINK campaign

The Project PINK Campaign is a breast, cervical and prosrate cancer awareness campaign targeted at communities and schools. The objective of the project is to increase knowledge of the dangers of cancer, intimate the target audience with simple ways to detect cancer symptoms and inform them on closest and most accessible health centers for treatment and counsel.

History of AIESEC Port Harcourt and the Project PINK campaign

The Project PINK Awareness Campaign was part of a five year long project which began in 2011 targeting women in Alakahia, Omokiri and Omoku commuities in Rivers state. This event was held in partnership between AIESEC Port Harcourt and AIESEC Ghana.

In 2012, this was followed by a campaign at the University of Port Harcourt in partnership with AIESEC Brazil, AIESEC Taiwan and AIESEC Kenya.

AIESEC Port Harcourt in 2013 targeted secondary school girls in University Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS), Aluu and Rockbase International School Port Harcourt.

In 2014, the AIESEC Port Harcourt partnered with the Port Harcourt Cancer Center to carry out a public walk on cancer awareness.

In 2016, in partnership with AIESEC Ghana and AIESEC Kenya, AIESEC Port Harcourt carried out a three week campaign on breast and cervical cancer awareness across secondary schools, communities and tertiary institutions in Port Harcourt.

Since the inception of the project, over 10,000 males and females have been targeted and reached.

See photos below:

Photos from the opening event

Cross section of AIESEC Volunteers, Interns and Leaders at the Opening event


Member of the Board of Advisors, AIESEC Port Harcourt, Prof. Regina Ogali of University of Port Harcourt, Post-Graduate School with AIESEC Interns from Ghana and Kenya

Photos from University Demonstration Secondary School, Aluu. One of the secondary schools visited

Photos from Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary school, Ozuoba community

Photos from Federal Government Girls College, Abuloma




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