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The 10 Commandments of being a good friend

#TGIF!!!! It’s Friday again, and we know a lot of you guys are planning a long hangout this weekend with your best friends. From us, it’s definitely good luck and awesome, but leave some for next weekend o!

Today’s post is about friends. They say good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are there. Being a friend is a hard job, being a good friend is harder. But friends are necessary in life, as a lot of adages agree. No man is an island. Two heads are better than one. And lots more.

Believe me, I’ve been in a funk or two and I only got out of them because I called someone I trusted and we put heads together and figured a way out.

So, for your own benefit (no, don’t thank’s okay) I’ve compiled the 10 commandments of being a good friend.1. Thou shall be friendly

If you want to be a good friend, you have to know how to do friendly things. Don’t wait for your friend to call you before you call, send messages, inquire about them. Talk to them.

2.Thou shall accept

Nobody is perfect, don’t expect your friend to always be in a good mood all the time, don’t expect him/her to act a certain way. Accept them the way they are flaws and all and don’t condition them. Accept without conditions. No matter what choice your friend makes, remain friends, even if he turns to a she. Don’t expect your friend to spill secrets and confide in you when you have a brick wall in place, be yourself around your friend, vulnerable and all. So you both can accept yourselves.

3. Thou shall be Honest

Always tell the truth, this way your friend will trust you. Don’t let your friend leave the house with ugly clothes on! As a friend you should be able to criticize constructively. Know how to say what you want to say without hurting any feelings. When it comes to giving advice, give thoughtful ones, what would you do in that situation, if it’s beyond you two, seek advice from someone else. Don’t advice your friend astray.

4. Thou shall have your friends back

Don’t leave them to fight in a bar alone. Be there when they need you, show up when necessary, for the good and the bad. That way you both create memorable memories. Be dependable. Let your friend know you would do almost anything for them. Even in silence, let your friend know you still have his/her back. And always, keep your promise.

5. Thou shall respect your friend

Yes, it’s okay to call your friend names and play rough but that shouldn’t bring about disrespect. Don’t treat them like a fool in front of others or belittle them because you think it’s funny, don’t spill their embarrassing secrets and laugh. That’s really disrespectful. Your friend might start resenting you.

6. Thou shall forgive and apologize

If you have a friend and you haven’t had a misunderstanding, eh… are you sure you’re friends? Friends fight, that’s what they do, but your ability to get past the disagreement is what tightens your bond. Learn to forgive your friend and always apologize when you’re the guilty party. Always clear the air between you and your friend, that way you’ll learn what each other hates and be a better friend.

7. Thou shall be loyal

To be a good friend, you have to be your friend’s keeper. Don’t go gossiping about your friend, don’t spill secrets your friend told you because he/she trusted you. Don’t backstab your friend. Being a loyal friend means calling your friend out on something wrong instead of going to complain about it to a third party.

8. Thou shall not judge

Nobody is perfect, the moment you realize that, the better for your friendship. Be nice to your friend, be light and fun. You’re not his/her parent, you’re the friend, if they can’t talk to you without being judged who can they talk to? Listen to your friend and don’t criticize, try and keep the “I told you so”s at a minimum, if not you’ll succeed in pushing them away.

9. Thou shall make a positive impact

What’s the use of being a good friend if your friend can’t brag about how you helped them stop a nasty habit or how you improved their life in one way or the other? Look for a Positive thing you’ll help your friend with. That way you’ll be unforgettable

10. Thou shall know when to butt out

A good friend knows when his/her friend needs space and he/she knows not to take offense. And he knows when to be serious or when to goof around too.

Having someone you trust is fun, you talk about everything and anything. My bestfriends aren’t even in the same state with me but distance has no limitations to our friendship, we talk every day and there’s nothing better than having someone who makes you laugh always.

The Bible says that whatever you do, do it well. Don’t just be a friend, be a Good friend. And cut off bad friends, they are like cancers, doing more harm than good.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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