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Simple tips to make any girl fall for you

So earlier today we talked about simple ways for ladies to get any man to fall in love with you. And now we will be talking about the simple things men can do to make any girl fall in love with them.

And I am a girl, I would know.

You wouldn’t blame ladies for acting all mean and playing hard to get all over the place, guys haven’t particularly made things easy, stories of heartbreaks are littered all over the place and it makes girls always on guard, afraid because they don’t want to be any man’s next prey.

For the few good men left, here are tips to make any girl fall in love with you.

Any girl you want to be serious with!

Attach no strings

Girls are really skeptical these days, approach them gently. Don’t come on too strong. Try and be friends first. The key to building a lasting relationship is a foundation of friendship. Also, this way they can get to know you’re genuine and not out to hurt them. A lady is likely to open up more to you if she feels you don’t want anything from her, this approach will help you communicate more without her defenses in place. Girls like to take their time with this love thing, if you start proposing or declaring love immediately, you might only succeed in chasing her away.

Be purposeful

There’s nothing wise girls admire more in men than a driven spirit. Let your life have a direction, know what you want and be willing to get it. Be responsible and serious. No woman wants to be stuck with a grown baby with no dreams and aspirations. So draw out a well-planned plan for your life and try to follow it. It will definitely make you more admirable.

Be honest

Women love sincerity. We are very assuming human beings and we let ourselves think way ahead of ourselves. Learn to tell the truth, no matter how bitter it is, no matter how grey it is. Save yourself the trouble and just be truthful, if the detective in a woman finds out otherwise, it would really be difficult for that love you crave for to happen. If things aren’t going the way you want them to, tell her the truth, if she’s the one, trust me she’ll understand.

Respect her

Hold her in high esteem and she’ll be yours. Don’t try to belittle her or disappoint her. If you say you’ll do something, do it. If she doesn’t feel like doing something, don’t force her. If you genuinely care and respect her, loving you would come easy.

Be patient and listen

Women feel that if you love them, you’ll listen to them. If you’re patient enough to listen to her and actually hear what she’s saying, then you have a best friend for life! You’ll become someone she can confide in and she’ll trust you completely. Encourage her to talk to you about everything and anything and very soon you’ll have her heart.

Don’t choke her

This cannot be over emphasized. Know the difference between showing affection and stalking. Call her two times and rest. Calling up to ten times is downright creepy and stalkerish, allow her a day alone, you mustn’t see her every second. Don’t start acting all protective and jealous boyfriendish on her. There is time for all that but definitely not immediately she agreed to date you. Slow down hombre… don’t let her start thinking she made a mistake.

Be caring

Women are babies, we love to be pampered. If you want any woman to love you. Show her constant care. Care for her, and try to understand her. If she’s sad, don’t even bother knowing what it is before comforting her.

Know God

Most women tend to fall in love with God-fearing men because they are believed to, well, fear God, so they wouldn’t be heartless and callous like men who don’t. Have a conscience. Knowing God isn’t just about going to church, how well do you communicate with God? Knowing God has so many benefits like, you’ll be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

Be patient with women, do the best you can for them genuinely, all they really want is genuine care. When a lady loves, she loves for real and would do anything for you. So woo her rightly like the queen she is.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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