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8 Simple Ways to get a Man to fall for you

Good morning ladies, today we will be talking about 8 simple ways you can get a man to fall completely in love with you. Don’t worry guys, make it a date this evening and we will be talking about simple ways to have girls fall for you too.

Okay, first of all, I’m not going to tell you to seduce him, I won’t tell you to go to a juju man and I won’t tell you to flirt. I’m going to tell you some simple things, basic things that I bet you already know.

Be honorable

Let’s be honest here, this is Nigeria. The way you carry yourself is how people will treat you. If you sleep with a guy on the first date, the guy knows where he places you. It’s only on very rare occasions that a one night stand ends in marriage or a serious relationship. If you want a guy to take you serious, to value you and love you, you have to be a serious person and have value for yourself and your body. Don’t let a guy see you as easy or cheap. If he fought to get you, he’ll appreciate you more and won’t take you for granted.

Be approachable

Yes, yes, you don’t want to appear easy, I get it. But this is totally different from being approachable. If a guy walks up to you and all you see is a lousy man that wants to use you, you’ll automatically have an offensive air around you and you’ll be rude to him. Learn to be open, some good men really do exist. If you’re nice and warm to even guys you don’t like you’ll encourage nothing but love around you.

Don’t be outrageous

Calm down. Everything about you should be cool, your dressing should be decent, your make up at a minimal. Don’t overwhelm the man and demand for too much. Men usually tend to shift away from people they think are high maintenance.

Be straightforward

For a guy to love you, he’ll have to trust you first,and trust they say is earned. Don’t play games, let your yes be yes and no, no. It’s going to be hard for a guy to trust you when he finds out you lied about being single. He obviously won’t take you serious if your ways aren’t straight.

Be homely

The way to a man’s heart is still his stomach. Men love women who know their way around a kitchen – house, in general. There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing a beautiful lady who can cook a mean soup and knows her way around a dance floor too, sexy as hell. Be the type of woman who won’t be found wanting anywhere.

Be independent

Just how you won’t like a man with zero vision and no job, men don’t like leeches. No matter what men claim, they actually like independent women, women who don’t ask them for everything. Get a job, have an ambition, learn to be a woman of your own, if not for anything but for the fact that you’ll have your two feet on the ground and won’t take any rubbish from a guy.

Be submissive

People think submission is weakness but it isn’t. It isn’t easy to submit to a man, it’s actually one of the hardest things ever. However, if you want a man to love you, you have to learn how to naturally submit to him. Men respect and love submissive women.

Believe in him

Dotting on a man and encouraging him will make you win his love. Whatever dreams and aspirations he has should be encouraged rather than mocked. If you encourage him and believe in him, you’ve won him over completely.

And as a bonus:

Accept him

Flaws and all. Love him and appreciate him, you’re in his life to help him, instead of castigating him, help him improve, just as you aren’t perfect, neither is he. You two should help each other build a perfect companionship. He’ll love you forever for that.

If you try doing all these and it doesn’t work out for you, don’t be sad, seriously start praying, because I suspect your village people are at work.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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