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Simple tips for growing your natural hair

Hello natural hair enthusiast.

Isn’t it crazy that these days virgin hair are all the rave? When I was younger I used to sneer at those without relaxed hair – they don’t know what’s up. I would say. Ooh well, I guess they knew what would be up one day.

I just chopped off my hair. Everyone was shocked at how low I had it cut. I had originally intended to transition to natural hair but one day I just got bored of uneven hair and chopped it off.

There are some things I wish I knew before I had the big chop and now I’ve been forced to learn them the hard way.

So if you’re thinking of going natural here are some tips you should know.

How shall thou become natural?:

1st of all. You have to decide what step to take, as you obviously know by now, you can either chose to transition or get the big chop.

If you chose to transition; you won’t cut off your hair immediately, you’ll just stop relaxing your hair and let it grow out. As it grows, you trim off the already relaxed parts. For does afraid of short hair, this way is best, you’ll still get to do whatever you want to with you hair but you have to bear in mind that the texture of your hair might turn out uneven.

The big chop; yes, this one means you’ll have to cut off all the hair. What I did was that I transitioned a bit then chopped everything off, I have a tiny afro but I can still braid if I want to. For the unafraid like me, this way is best, you start from the scratch and your hair texture will be even.

Know thy hair:

My friend Eva’s hair was long and relaxed when she had the big chop. It’s been a year now and its growing into beautiful loose ringlets.

That’s Eva’s hair. Now Nkemka had her hair chopped too, but it isn’t growing in ringlets, it’s kinky and won’t even curl after a twist.

Just as our faces are different, so are our hair. Eva’s hair might not be like Nkemka’s. But they are both beautiful and healthy.

All I’m trying to say is, you can never be too sure on how your hair would grow out but whether it is curly or kinky. Its beautiful natural. Don’t expect your hair to be like Solange’s, if it turns out that way then fine.

If you’re going natural because you want your hair to look all curly, you might be disappointed, better keep an open mind.

My fingers are crossed on how my hair will grow out. Anyway it is, I’ll be happy and proud.

How to treat thy hair:

Remember this isn’t relaxed hair. Its natural and you are going to have to put in a lot of time and products on your hair.

Your hair will look shrunk now, so you’ll need to moisturize it. A lot. You’ll need to minimize styling products and protect your hair from heat; I don’t mean the sun now, I mean curling irons and co.

You’ll have to plan on how to be washing your hair and stick to it: could be weekly or bi weekly.

In other to prevent your hair from breaking, you’ll have to stop touching it all the time, keep contacts with your hair at minimum. Stop combing all the time, stop pulling it, just stop. To help yourself, you can make your hair in protective hairstyles; braids, twists, crotchets, buns and the likes. Comb from end to root to reduce risk of breakage.

Products for thy hair:

You’ll have to be picky now, this isn’t a relaxed hair that you can treat anyhow or apply any hair crème and be on your jolly way, this is your baby and your baby needs the best. Even the bible said a woman’s hair is her crown.

So ditch all those wack products and go organic. Your new bestfriends should be:

Almond, coconut, avocado, jojoba, castor, olive oil and Argan. Shea butter and aloe Vera are great for natural hair too.

I’ve heard very good reviews about Cantu products, their shea butter leave in conditioner is everyone’s favorite. Alberto VO5 shampoo is good too, with lots of essential vitamins for the hair.

You can mix water and glycerin and sprits on your hair to detangle your hair, keep it soft and moisturize.

Going natural isn’t a day’s job, it will require your money and commitment, you have to know that it isn’t easy to twist your hair every night so it would stretch out before you go out the next day, some hair styles wouldn’t be possible anymore, you’ll require patience on this hair journey but it will be totally worth it in the end because you’ll have beautiful, long, healthy and radiant crown that will make a lot of people stop and stare.

I can’t wait to start bragging about my hair.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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