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7 Benefits of taking Soursop

Also called Graviola, custard Apple, Brazilian paw paw, guanabana and some other names, soursop as we know it in Nigeria is a highly nutritious and creamy fruit.

We are in its season and every market you go to now, you’ll be greeted with the green spiny fruits.

The fruit can be used for quite a few things, juice, ice cream, fruit salad, yogurt and tarts.

The fruits are not the only useful part, the seeds, leaf,flesh even barks have medicinal values.

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Soursop is packed with nutrients

Some of the vitamins you can find in Soursop include:

1) Vitamin C and B

Vitamin B taken after childbirth can help to help increase the quality of breast milk for breastfeeding mothers. While Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps enhance the immune system and slows down aging process.

2) Iron

Daily dose of soursop provides us with all the Iron we need and this in turn helps prevent anaemia.

3) Potassium

Intake of soursop provides adequate amounts of potassium which helps prevent hypertension.

4) Phosphorus

This mineral is required for bone mass formation. It helps build strong bones and prevent a rare hereditary disorder characterized by hard dense bones called Osteoporosis.

5) Fibre

Taking soursop regularly provides fibre that will help your bowel perform normally and it lowers cholesterol.

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Soursop 2

Apart from these wonderful nutrients gained from consuming the soursop fruit, soursop seeds, leaves, bark and so on have numerous medical functions.

Soursop is Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-parasite

Soursop’s leaf is very potent. Crushing it and placing it on a skin eruption promotes healing. The mashed leaves can be used as a poultice to ease rheumatism, as well as eczema and other skin problems. The leaves can also be made into a decoction which helps get rid of head lice and bed bugs. The young shoots and leaves also treat; gall bladder diseases, cough, catarrh, diarrhea, dysentery, fever and indigestion.

The flesh of the fruit speads the healing of wounds faster when applied as a poultice on the wound for 3 days straight.

Soursop is anti-emetic

The crushed seeds of soursop can reduce nausea and vomiting.

Soursop can serve as an antidote

The root bark is an antidote for several poisons.

Soursop is anti-inflammatory

A decoction of soursop leaves can be used as a compress to alleviate inflammation and swollen feet and juice made from the fruit and taken while on a fast can alleviate urethritis, haematuria and liver ailment and even leprosy.

Soursop is also anti-tumor and anti-carcinogenic

Soursop is said to possess phytochemicals which have specific toxic effect on cancerous cells of the colon, breast, ovaries, uterine, prostrate, lung, pancreatic, anal, kidney, liver and skin cancer.

Soursop is also Anti-depressant

Soursop is also Anti-depressant and Anti-stress and it helps with the nervous system. So those on anti-depressant and anti-hypertensive medications are advised to be very careful the way they take soursop because it might increase the potency of the drug.


To make a drinkable decoction from soursop leaves. Just cut some leaves and stems and boil in at least a litre of water, when the water reduces to about half, strain and mix with honey for sweetening, drink about 100ml every morning.

This would help prevent or treat cancer.

I hope you add soursop to your daily meal from now on.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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  1. Nancy says

    I read an article on Google… That soarsop seed is poisonous, and you are saying its good… I know the fruit, leaves is very good and highly medicinal. Have u used the seed before?


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