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What’s about Calories?

The fight against ‘fat’, ‘gluten’, ‘calories’ seems to have increased worldwide – especially in my house. Lately everyone wants to be healthier; they want to eat better and even exercise more. The amount of joggers have increased on my street too. There are thousands of health programs on TV, lots of health drinks marketed everywhere, and everyone is generally being very #FitFam conscious.

My aunt recently had some health challenges due to her weight and the doctor recommended she lose some weight, and she’s been trying to. I think what she passed through was a real eye opener for her because she keeps advising us to start eating healthy and exercise rather than wait till we are 60 and above and face fat related health issues.

Getting fat isn’t a problem, trying to lose all that fat you gained, is the problem. A big fat problem.

In your fight against ‘fat’ you’ll constantly hear the word ‘calories’ thrown around. First step to combating an enemy involves understanding your enemy. And to really understand how people gain weight, you’ll have to understand Calories.

So what exactly are these ‘Calories’ everyone is talking about?

You know how we measure weight and height in kilograms/pounds, metres/feet and inches and the like, right? Calories is the unit of measurement of the energy we put into our body, through food. It is the measure of the amount of energy in food.

Now, if you’re gaining weight it means you’ve been eating and drinking more energy (calories) than you’ve been using.  You gain weight by putting too much energy into your body but not using this energy. If you eat a food that has too much calories but you don’t do any physical activity or enough physical activity, your body stores this excess energy as fat.

To maintain stable weight, the energy (calories) we consume should be equals or even more than the energy we use for normal bodily functions or physical activities.

So to lose weight, it’s good for you to watch your diet, monitor the type of food you consume. Eat healthy, also, use more energy than you consume by increasing your physical activity, you can do this by exercising. To lose weight fast, its best to combine these two, eat healthy and use a lot of energy.

The more energy you put into an activity, the more calories you’ll burn; running up and down a staircase will burn more calories than just climbing it at a leisurely pace.

Thankfully, you can check calorie contents of food most times on the package and for food that aren’t packed, you should know that, certain kinds of food have more calories than others. For example:

1 gram of Carbohydrate = 4 calories

1 gram of Protein = 4 calories and,

1 gram of fat = 9 calories.

For packaged foods, like I mentioned earlier, the calorie content is usually mentioned on the packet under ‘Energy’ and it’s often given in Kcal also meaning Calories or KJ which is Kilojoules. Kcal is the unit measurement while kilojoules is the metric measurement.

Last week, my aunt’s doctor gave her a list of food with their Calorie value per 100grams. After I almost screamed my heart out I thought I’d share a few of the popular food and their Calorie values with you, believe me, you’d be shocked too.

Apple 52 1 banana 80-100 Beans 55 Beef about 255 White bread 255
Avocado pear 90 Butter 750 Cake about 325 Cashew nut 600 Chicken lean grilled 265
Coffee/black tea 0 Chocolate Milk 245 Corn cob 55 cucumber 12 Custard 365
1 coke (soft drink) 120 1 boiled egg 167 Fresh fish 250 Dried fish 310 Garri 150
Groundnut 605 honey 300 icecream 220 Jam 275 Boiled macaroni 120
Malt drink 250 Milk whole 70 Milk skimmed 35 Milk evaporated 165 okro 35
Vegetable oil 935 Palm oil 895 White rice 130 Salad cream 420 sugar 405
Yam boiled 85


Now remember this is per 100gram edible portion.

The doctor also recommended a calorie intake of 1500 perday.

Tell me you aren’t shocked by a few food and the Calorie they possess, I was really surprised at vegetable oil and cashew nut. This is just a preamble, you’d be scared when you find out that your favorite food that you thought was harmful possess a great amount of calories.

So, my advice to you is; watch your Calorie intake and perform equal amount of energy and you’ll be fine.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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