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20 items you need to be a complete man in Port Harcourt

People have so many opinions on how a man should be.

He should be bearded

He should be able to fix the plumbing

He should know how to knot a tie

He should be able to unhook a bra with one finger

He should be able to do 60 pushups at a stretch

Blah di dadi da…

Nobody can tell a man how to be a man, a man knows how to be a man, he’s a man, he can do what he wants to. Right. But, you can, and I will, tell a man what he should have to be a complete man.

So here are 20 items you need to be a complete man in Port Harcourt

1. A good suit that fits.

Don’t accept any hand-me-down ‘coat’ from your daddy. Go and get a well-tailored suit from a good store or find a good bespoke tailor.

2. A dress shoe

You won’t wear your well-tailored suit with sneakers would you? Invest in confam dress shoes.

3. A nice pair of sneakers or boots

Get whichever works for you or even both!

4. A grey joggers and hoodie of course

This is first, for comfort and weirdly enough, girls dig joggers too!

5. Distressed jeans

Girls like bad boys, and since you can’t be a biker dude, you can at least have a pair of jeans distressed on the knee. Gives off that bad boy vibe.

P.S. If you are a biker dude, awesome!

6. Leather wallet

You are a man, you can’t be seen carrying anything other than a good leather wallet around. Come on, at least when you pull out the condom it comes out of a classy wallet not some tacky thing or worse, your back pocket. Plus you need a good place for your business cards and cash.

7. Valid I.D card

This is very important. You know, in case they wan arrest you.

8. Signature fragrance

I don’t need to tell you, you need deodorant right? Apart from that you need to invest in a good fragrance (good one o! Not Hausa perfume!) and it wouldn’t hurt having one perfume you love and using it a lot. So when you step into the room, everybody can nod their head and go, “Yeah, a man just stepped in.”

9. A nice tie

Of course.

10. Leather belt(s)

Please buy original one. Black and brown.

11. Sunglasses

Dark sunglasses are a killer. And they are so manly. Get them

12. A decent watch

By decent, I mean one that isn’t washed out or the leather is barely hanging there because of a thread or two. You get my drift don’t you? Getting a semi-original rolex won’t kill you if you can’t afford the original.

13. A good television

When the guys come to hang in your house they should be able to watch the game or play Ps2 or 3 or 4 or xbox whatever, comfortably. And the girls need to watch their chick flick without the T.V screen shaking.

14. Comfy slippers

You know that Nike slippers that is super comfy? Yes? Get it!

15. A good pen:

Pen. Pen not biro ooh. Pen, the fancy kind you click and can refill the ink. That’s a man’s pen.

16. Emergency cash

Otherwise known as in case of incasity money. This is important for when yawa gasses. You should have some money lying around your house.

Well hidden though.

17. Personal Clippers

And a hella good barber.

18. Nice headphones

So you won’t have to listen to the rubbish of this world.

19. Alcohol

Even if you don’t drink, you should have a bottle of whisky or brandy lying around. Some really good stuff, for when your friends come over. And don’t forget to have wine and bottle openers too.

20. Duffle bag or weekend bag

So when you want to take an impromptu vacay you won’t need to use a backpack.

If you have all these mentioned above, then you should probably get a Manly Man award. If you don’t, what are you waiting for?

Go and be a man!

Are there any other items I missed out? Why not share them in the comments below

I am, @Lord__Nina

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