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How to make friends in 6 easy Steps

For some of us, making friends is a God given talent. For others, ehh… not their thing.

Knowing how to say hi and be friendly to people can get you a lot of things believe it or not. I know how many favors I’ve received because I walked straight up to a girl and said “OMG your skin is flawless, be my friend”. Most times the people are too shocked at my boldness that they like me right back. And that’s the thing, everyone one likes a little compliment and if you’re confident, that’s a major plus. It’s really hard for Nigerians to pay compliments to strangers have you noticed? So if you want to make someone your friend, go and learn how to pay compliments. There’s really nothing to it, the person will definitely smile and pay you one right back, but if he/she is rude enough to snub you, well then, I bet she knew you lied about her hair you said was gorgeous.

Okay, so these are 6 easy steps to make friends with almost anyone

Take a deep breath

The person you’re about to talk to is a human being. He/she has everything you have, they won’t bite – except if they are witches or wizards, in that case you’ll not know until midnight – so relax.  Inhale…exhale, don’t practice it, try not to be nervous.

Make sure you dress well and you’re neatly groomed. I dunno about you but I wouldn’t talk to someone dressed like a ragamuffin.


If you’re waiting for them to make the 1st move it might never happen. So stand up and walk over to where ever they are seated or standing. And say hi. Just do it and don’t procrastinate.


Even if they don’t smile back, just smile and be nice. And pay a compliment. For girls you can go “OMG, I love your hair/clothes. Where did you get it done/from?” Great icebreaker. Girls love to talk about these things. Or you could compliment her makeup, ask if she got it done professionally, she’ll proudly tell you no.

For guys you can go “My man, no vex you like football? I wan bet, but I no know wetin I go play ooh” or something like that. It’s easier to be friends with guys than girls, girls always play hard to get even with each other.


Don’t go asking a lot of questions, you’ll bug them off. Talk instead of asking. Make a conversation that would stretch and talk like you’ve known them for years. If this soon to-be-friend starts talking back, listen and try to be neutral so you won’t have to start arguing with someone you just started speaking with. Share too. People like it when it looks as if they are trustworthy and you can rely on them (don’t go and start talking about how your father is a juju man ooh).

Be yourself

Don’t change, don’t start speaking phoney, don’t lie, and don’t brag. Just be who you are. You can be a little silly to create humor but don’t overdo it so you don’t look like a fool. Remember if you lie now they’ll still catch you in future, save yourself the embarrassment.

Develop friendship

Take his/her number, pin… blah. If you’ve had a few laughs. You can say  “Aww… you’re so cool can I have your number?” Hopefully you’ll get a “Sure, why not” or take my pin, twitter handle or whatever instead. You can call your new friend or include him/her in your social life now. But don’t be too choking, check up once in a while, invite them out to eat; everyone likes food. Hopefully a great friendship has started.

Pretty easy right? Try it and let’s see how it works for you.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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