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6 ways to eat rice without tomatoes

First of all, these days everything gets blamed on President Buhari.

OMG the mosquitoes are fatter, damn Buhari!

OMG it’s raining too much, damn Buhari!

Seriously? Guys..seriously?

Now I hear people are blaming him for the tomato scarcity too? You guys do know there is this thing called Tomato Ebola that literally whipped out like 6 tomatoes producing states right? Okay.

Anyway, tomato is really expensive now (like 10 pieces for N500 expensive) and we all love eating our rice with tomato stew right? Well, this post is about 6 different ways we can do just that, without paying so much for the damned ‘matoes.

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Pitakwa people, have we forgotten, we are Nigerians? If there is anything we know how to do, it’s to dust the dirt when we fall and laugh about the situation.Who needs fresh tomatoes when you can cook your beloved Jollof rice with tinned tomatoes AKA tomato puree right? Riggghtttt?

So here are the 6 ways to eat rice without fresh tomatoes, like I have been doing at home.

Rice and peppersoup

When we had the luxury we could have thrown in a couple of fresh tomatoes to taste, but now we don’t so much. Thankfully, peppersoups are tasty with or without tomatoes. And they have varieties too. You can make chicken, fish or goat meat peppersoup (My favorite!) All these soups are easy to make and they taste divine eaten with or without white rice.

Eat coconut rice instead

Coconuts are so cheap, and you can get them practically anywhere. And if you don’t want the real coconuts, the flavours sold in the market are cool too. With the right recipe can make magic. With some tinned tomatoes you have yourself a hot delicious plate of rice that tastes like coconut. Yuummm…

Rice and Ofeakwu AKA banga stew

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Those who know this one love it. This is basically pounded palm fruit that is juiced out of its oil and cooked. No tomatoes needed and trust me, this is delicious; when prepared by someone who knows how to.

This one is for the skilled, so get yourself a good recipe.

Jollof rice

Nigerian Jollof rice, of course. The almighty jollof can be prepared without fresh tomatoes but tinned ones and would still taste like heaven in your mouth. My secret is crayfish, a lot of it.

Fried rice

Thankfully vegetables; carrots, cabbage and the likes aren’t scarce or expensive and so you can whip up a mean ol’ fried rice and have fun with the tasty meal just about anytime.

Chicken gravy or sauce

For this delicious meal, all you need is chicken, vegetables and flour to thicken and voila… you’re good to go. But best get a good recipe so you can really get the best from this.

There you have it, there are so many ways to eat rice without tomatoes, I really don’t even see why everyone is whining, I mean we have other things to worry about like fuel should we add tomatoes to the list too? Use Afang soup to eat your rice if it’s that bad. I just gave you 6 ways to eat your rice, and yeah, you can even make stew from tinned tomatoes.

No need to thank me.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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