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How to make Port Harcourt Bole and Fish

Port Harcourt’s Bole and Fish is most common food on the street of Pitakwa. It is so common, it is not only sold in many of the eateries in Port Harcourt, it is practically sold on every street corner.

Port Harcourt’s Bole and fish is a balanced diet we recommend to every visitor to Port Harcourt. With its nourishing ingredients, everybody can eat bole and fish, and if you have ever visited the city without tasting it, you have definitely missed a vital part of Port Harcourt.

While some of the best Bole and fish can be found in some select places in Port Harcourt, this post details how to make this most popular Pitakwa delicacy in your own homes.

Ingredient for preparing Bole and Fish in Port Harcourt

  • Plaintain (unripe, half ripe and riped)
  • Fish (Jumbo fish)
  • Palm oil (Tasteless)
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Fresh pepper
  • Ginger
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Onions
  • Salt
  • Utazi leaves

See Eat Pitakwa: Bole for locations of the best spots to buy Bole in Port Harcourt

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How to prepare Bole and Fish in Port Harcourt


Port Harcourt Bole and Fish

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  • Half grind the a bowl of fresh tomatoes, cups of pepper, small ginger and few onions and separate into two parts (one for preparing a tasteful source and the other for sourcing fishes before its smoked)
  • Boil one part of the source until the source is dry
  • Heat palm oil on charcoal pot and few cubes of seasoning and salt and stir to taste. This source is left to be heating and used to serve customers
  • Slice Utazi leaves and few onions on a separate bowl and washed properly to avoid sand particles. This will be served on top of sourced
  • Add palm oil and few cubes of seasoning and salt, stir to taste  to the other part of the source that is not boiled
  • Dip properly washed fishes into the source and place on the charcoal pot. Monitor until is done
  • Also put unripe, half ripe and ripe plantain on the charcoal pot and ,monitor until its done
  • Serve customers on a plate according to choice with Utazi leave.

This is how this writer enjoys bole in Port Harcourt.

Bole 2

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