Month: June 2016

10 Awesome ideas for business in Port Harcourt

So I did a little survey and asked a lot of people what they would do with N5 million. As expected, majority said they’d invest half the money, but when I asked what they would invest it in, they literally just zoned out. So in case you have a couple million bucks you’re expecting and want to use it wisely, I’ve compiled a number of pretty lucrative investments that if you handle properly would yield you a couple more millions in Nigeria. (Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy)

Why Silverbird Cinemas Port Harcourt failed

In the face of the widely publicized shutdown of Silverbird Group companies; Silverbird Cinemas, Silverbird Television and Rhythm FM, by the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), I decided to consider the reasons why the multi-billion naira entertainment company was owing up to 11 billion naira. One answer stood out: the cinemas and stations owned by the Silverbird Group were obviously not bringing in enough revenue. The question then loomed, why? Naturally, I examined as the sample case, the Silverbird cinema situated at former Obi Wali Cultural Centre, Abonnema wharf, Diobu, Port Harcourt. (Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy) This post is a review of the Silverbird cinemas Port Harcourt, an examination of why it has failed and suggestions on what to do next.

The 10 Commandments of being a good friend

#TGIF!!!! It’s Friday again, and we know a lot of you guys are planning a long hangout this weekend with your best friends. From us, it’s definitely good luck and awesome, but leave some for next weekend o! Today’s post is about friends. They say good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are there. Being a friend is a hard job, being a good friend is harder. But friends are necessary in life, as a lot of adages agree. No man is an island. Two heads are better than one. And lots more. Believe me, I’ve been in a funk or two and I only got out of them because I called someone I trusted and we put heads together and figured a way out. So, for your own benefit (no, don’t thank’s okay) I’ve compiled the 10 commandments of being a good friend.

8 Simple Ways to get a Man to fall for you

Good morning ladies, today we will be talking about 8 simple ways you can get a man to fall completely in love with you. Don’t worry guys, make it a date this evening and we will be talking about simple ways to have girls fall for you too. Okay, first of all, I’m not going to tell you to seduce him, I won’t tell you to go to a juju man and I won’t tell you to flirt. I’m going to tell you some simple things, basic things that I bet you already know.