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Top 6 ATMs in Port Harcourt

Do you ever wonder how we would have survived without ATMs? Imagine you had to go to your bank every time you needed to withdraw or pay in cash as little as 1k. I bet we would have managed to survive, but still, thank God for ATMs. For those living in Pitakwa we know how things can get, you could just be driving down Rumuola or Rumuokwuta and see a bag or shoe you’ve been looking for and you just have to get it. ATMs are quick fixes when you’re cashless, you can even just transfer the money to another account too. But this is Nigeria, we don’t trust these machines completely, they either don’t pay because of network difficulties or its plain cashless. Other times the long queues drive you crazy.

So, ladies and gentlemen of Pitakwa or visiting, if you’re ever stranded these are the top 6 ATMs in our city.

Let’s start with the worst ATMs; by worst, I don’t mean they constantly break down, I mean always crowded or sometimes, unsafe. Some of these ATM’s location could be the problem, some are the only ATM located in very populated areas so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s mostly cashless. Just like:

  1. GTB ATM at location junction, Mgbuoba

For all the years I’ve lived in Port Harcourt. This ATM is NEVER free of people, 24/7 you will always find a queue, yes it always pays, but being the only ATM around the area, it’s hot cake. So, if you hate queues and you need money, withdraw somewhere else.

  1. First bank ATM at Choba

Another ‘hot cake’ ATM. By the way, there is another ATM besides it but you’ll still see thousands of students clustered around this one. Though it disappoints sometimes and would be cashless and that’s the only time you wouldn’t see a crowd of people lined up. So it’s either you go to use this ATM on time, or you go inside Choba (Uniport) campus where you’ll see Ecobank and Union bank ATMs, often less crowded. Emphasis on often, sometimes it’s really crowded too.

  1. ATMs along Ikwerre road

If by any chance you are driving down this road late at night and need to use any ATM you see, don’t. It isn’t often safe. You might get robbed. Just move on till you leave the area.

  1. First bank along Aba road

There have been reports of car snatching and robbery after someone used this ATM, so it’s best to use another bank or use it in the day time.

  1. ATM at Pepperoni, Ada George

This has also been robbed. But it often pays.

  1. Zenith bank ATM galleries

I should probably mention how ineffective these are. There almost always empty, if you go there 12 times you’ll find it cashless 9 times. You can try it if you’re a risk taker.

The most reliable ATMs that have little or no queue and you’ll be sure will pay you are those in GRA. Fidelity bank and UBA to be precise. Also, the ATMs in Old GRA before the mall.

Remember, If you don’t trust the location or you see suspicious looking people, it’s better you leave that area than get robbed or beaten up. Safety first.

Please drop your comments and share with us your ATM experiences.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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