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10 Reasons To Start Exercising Right Now – @Lord__Nina

Here, you go:

  1. To improve cognitive functions.

When you exercise, energy and Oxygen is released to your brain and this boosts your memory and helps you learn better.

  1. For better posture.

Exercises are great for your posture, they’ll help you stand taller and sit up straighter. And also, it prevents back pain and back problems.

  1. Relieves stress.

Endorphins are released during exercises and they are great stress relievers. Plus while exercising, you get your minds off a couple of things.

  1. Heart healthy.

Heart muscles are strengthened, thereby helping to reduce the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks.

  1. Confidence boosting.

Exercises strengthen and tone your muscles and improve your appearance. Your improved appearance, helps your confidence and self esteem.

  1. Improves sleep.

If you’re having troubles sleeping, you should try exercising more.

  1. Reduces fatigue.

Exercises boost energy, increasing productivity and helps eliminate fatigue.

  1. Improved Circulation.

You’ll never stand the risk of fainting one day because air wasn’t flowing to your brains. When you exercise oxygen circulation improves.

  1. Exercises reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good ones.
  2. People that exercise tend to live longer and healthier.

So get off your butt and start jogging or skipping or even going for long walks. You only live once; why not choose to live long and healthy. Stop the procrastinating and do something. Don’t wait till your doctor gives you a bad news before you have to exercise, be smart.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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