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Why I Feel So Pained Right Now -@Lord__Nina

Why do people say things they don’t mean? Why do people make promises that they know they will not keep? Why people even boast about things that they cannot do?

You tell me, “I’ll call you back in an hour” then I stay awake waiting for your call and then you call me back two days later. Do you live in an alternate universe where an hour is two days later? Did you forget? Did your airtime finish? Or are you just inconsiderate of other peoples’ feelings?

Some might ask, “Why didn’t you just call back to find out why he didn’t call back?” Well, am I too naive to believe that an “I’ll call back” is a promise that should be kept? Of course I won’t call back, even if I’m dying to hear your voice, even if I really need to talk to you. You said you’d call and I shouldn’t remind you of a ‘promise’ to keep.

Someone is wondering, “Why so serious about a phone call?”

Let me tell you how serious this is; I’ve been waiting for a dude to call me back since Saturday. Saturday! He first called and the line was bad, then he said “Lemme call you back.” Brethren it’s Monday! Mr. Man hasn’t called back.

That makes me feel so insignificant; obviously he forgot about me. I mean is it possible that the moment he hung up he died or his phone got stolen? Of course I could always call to ask what happened but for two reasons I can’t:

  1. I don’t have airtime and
  2. I really don’t give an f-word about someone who obviously doesn’t care enough to call back when he said he would.

No matter how I like you, you lose my affection and respect, the moment you lie. Yes. Not calling back is also a lie. We are all human, that I’m aware of, but I always try to call back, I even borrow phones or credit to call if I have to. I do all these things so why can’t YOU Do it? It’s really not that hard if you try or care about the person.


If you can’t gimme that money, don’t even bother saying “lemme see what I can do.” Just shut up and contemplate within yourself, because the moment you open your mouth, you’ve raised my hopes up and if you dash it … Tsk tsk tsk… I won’t forget it ever.

I swear, I’m so pained!

I was so high up there and then my hopes came crashing down, broken in pieces.

I think the worst thing is that people don’t take things like these seriously; they just brush it off as if it’s how it should be. Well, it isn’t right!

How disappointed would you be to die and find out there isn’t any heaven? It would suck, right? It would more than suck; you would probably want to die again. SMH. That’s how heart breaking it is when you say you’ll do something and you don’t or you do the exact opposite.

It’s a sin to promise and fail. (It’s in the bible, look it up.) Disappointing someone is a sin. Don’t tell me you’ll call me back when you know you won’t! Don’t just say things you’re unsure of, better to take people by surprise than have them wait for you and you never show up or do something you’re supposed to.

Correct me if I’m wrong; here’s a little math:

I’ll call you back and I don’t = negligence.

Negligence = oops, I forgot you.

Oops I forgot you = I have better things to do.

I have better things to do = I really don’t give a F about you.

Therefore, I’ll call you back and I don’t = I really don’t give a F about you.

No one likes to be disappointed, no one likes feeling neglected or “unthought-of”

So ladies and gentlemen!

The reason for this uncalled-for rant is this; simply call back if you said you would. Do what you said you would do. Fulfill that promise you made. Or, simply Stfu and hang up!

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