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How To Effectively Break An Addiction – @Lord__Nina

We often think people are only addicted to hard drugs, alcohol, sex but there are a lot of other things people can be addicted to, like video games, their phones, food, soda, porn. Some people are even just addicted to social media; you will be surprised that some people can’t just stay off Twitter or Facebook for a minute without feeling odd. Are you one of those people? Understand that, anything you constantly crave for, you can’t do without it, that you’re enslaved to is an addiction. Sometimes you know you are addicted and you might want to stop, but find yourself unable to.

The danger in addictions is that you are not totally in control of your own life and actions. You might feel you’re not in danger because you’re just addicted to your phone and other people are addicted to cocaine but the truth is, you’re still not totally in control.

How do you know you are addicted to something? Simple; notice when you told self you that can’t live without “something “? Yeah, that’s it.

Breaking addictions are really hard sometimes but for those determined, here are some tips to free yourself and be in control of your own life again.

  1. Awareness

First of all, you have to acknowledge the fact that something isn’t right somewhere.

  1. Keep a record

Write down how you feel about what you’re addicted to, your bad experiences and the likes and constantly refer back to your journal, this way you can remind yourself how you feel like shit after you’ve smoked that weed or watched that porn video or binge ate, whatever it is.

  1. Find a sponsor or a mentor

Someone trusted that you can just talk to. Most times, you can never overcome an addiction alone. So look for someone, a friend or anyone, who has been in that situation before and talk to the person. Having a sponsor too will give you someone you regularly answer to, someone who would evaluate you, that way you might want to straighten out and impress.

  1. Find out your weak spots

There is always something that makes you want to smoke, there is always a time you’d constantly feel like touching yourself, or stealing that thing. Find out what makes you want to do it or when you want to do it and write it down. Then look for some other things to do when the ‘time’ draws near. This works like a form of distraction from your addiction. For example, you could:

– Read; find a good book and start reading. Books will help transport your mind to some other place, away from your unhealthy addictions. But be careful what you read.

– Make new friends

– You may also distract yourself with some new hobbies. Start a project or start working out all pent up energy.

  1. Get busy. Make a list of your life goals and set out to accomplish each and everyone.

It’s not rocket science that to get over something you have to start doing another thing. It wouldn’t hurt you if you picked up a productive task rather than something that will lead you to an early grave.

  1. Visit a doctor or an addiction specialist

Some addictions are so hard to break alone, especially if it involves hard drugs, so when you decide to get clean, go to a doctor or an addiction specialist who will help you.

  1. Pray

Prayer helps if you’re religious, pray to your God. Tell him you’re sick and tired of being a slave. The more often you pray you might even start believing yourself because of your faith.

Before you start the task of breaking your addiction, however, you should know a few things –

*You will get emotional at times, your mood swings won’t make things easier, you will fell like hell but it will all be worth it eventually.  But once free, you will look back to your past and be glad you dropped that terrible addiction.

Good luck to anyone trying to break an addiction.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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