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Want To Lose Some Weight and Stay Healthy? Try These 8 Diets and See – @Lord__Nina

Losing weight can be very tasking, especially when you’re lazy or you love food too much. For those who absolutely hate exercise and are constantly looking for easy ways to shed all those fat, you can start dieting, now some of these things work pretty well but unfortunately are not long term, so if you want a long term solution to your fat, be very ready to completely turn your lifestyle upside down and start thinking of exercises, it’s really one of the only safe way to lose weight.

Back to our diet talk …

Some diets are crazy, but others really make sense, I heard one time that Madonna went on a popcorn diet; she only ate popcorn for a period of time. (Can you imagine that? No more eba, egusi soup, no more rice and chicken.)

The thing about diets is that they really do work if you stick to them.

Here is a list of safe and effective diets you can try today:

  1. Fish diet

I’ve seen this one work first hand. A friend went on a strictly fish diet. For a month she just ate boiled, grilled, fried Fish and water. Then salads whenever she got tired of fish.

After a month she looked so skinny we had to beg her to start eating again. So, yeah, it works.

  1. Liquid diet

As the name implies, you have to drink food. Lol … You can buy or make protein shakes that you’ll take along with water, milk, juice and Smoothies. If you want, you can strictly take your shakes 3 or 4 times a day with no food, if not you can eat low- fat dinners and drink your shakes morning and afternoon.

Liquid diet is very effective.

  1. Cabbage soup diet

You can lose 10 pounds a week with this diet but it isn’t long term, I mean, do you want to be eating cabbage for the rest of your life? This diet is also the cheapest amongst listed diets because what you really need is just cabbage, tomatoes, green pepper, onions and seasonings. Don’t even add carrot.

  1. Intermittent fasting

This one is pretty easy, I think. It’s basically setting out time to eat followed by an extended period of fasting. You could do the 5:2 plan. Eat for 5 days and then Fast for 2 days. You can only eat 500-600 calories on your fasts. Or you could do the 16:8 plan. Eat everything you like for 8 hours and fast for 16 hours.

  1. Vegan diet

This would be hard for non Vegans obviously, imagine giving up hamburgers forever. But if you want to lose that weight either you exercise or you try this. So this diet is basically about, no animal products, even honey and milk. You’ll have to only consume: grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and vegetable oil.

  1. Low-carb diet

No carbohydrates; that means bye-bye to rice, garri, noodles, you know all of those favorite things. You’ll have to start eating generous portions of proteins and fat. Maybe you can finally grow tall after months of having to eat only beans. BTW, that fat is allowed in this diet doesn’t mean you should be foolish and start eating all the fried things in the world. Remember, fried yam isn’t allowed also.

  1. Paleo diet

If you pick this diet you have to only eat foods that can be hunted, gathered or fished. This means, good bye to ice cream, meat pie, sodas. Anything that isn’t planted or you know killed shouldn’t be eating. No processed food whatsoever, no Junk food.

  1. Detox diets and cleanses

The goal of this diet is to get rid of Toxins in the body. You can do a 3-day juice fast, take only juice for 3 days or a 21-28 day detox where you’ll have to drink detoxing or cleansing beverages for that number of days.

These diets will work if you want them to, meaning, If you stick to them religiously; that’s how you’ll see results. Don’t skip a diet a day and expect the same result with someone who didn’t.

And please, consult a doctor before any diets because it would be unwise to create more problems for yourself health wise because you want to lose weight.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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