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10 Reasons To Get Rich or Die Trying?

I was talking to my cousins the other day about a relative’s wedding; how fabulous it was, because of all the money they put into it. Sigh … money is so good.

I find it shocking that some people in this life want to be just comfortable, they want to be ‘just there’ in life, not too poor not too rich… such mediocrity annoys me; you have the right to be anything you like, why choose to be ‘okay’ when you can work extra hard to be ‘great’?

But yes I get it, not everyone can be great in life. (Actually this is total BS, you’re not great because you don’t want to be!)

Anyways, I’m going to give you very good (albeit selfish) reasons to work super hard and be sure rich.

  1. Have you seen the level of poor and homeless people in Nigeria? Don’t you want to help them? Wouldn’t it be great to be like Dangote and help your country? Your society? To provide jobs? Build homeless peoples’ shelters? Build schools and give food to the less privileged? You can pay scientists to find a cure for a disease and get the drug named after you.
  2. Okay, let’s be a bit selfish… won’t you like to give your family everything you never had? Or more than you ever had? Like letting them live lavish? Vacation where ever they want to… flying about in a private jet? Your private jet? Or, your yatch? Like travelling to exotic countries because you can afford it?
  3. Tell me you don’t want to make your parents so proud; tell me you wouldn’t love them showing you off to people who’ll want to be like you.
  4. Let’s be a bit vengeful now; tell me you won’t want to wipe that smirk off that uncle’s or aunt’s face who keeps looking at you like a lowlife; tell me you won’t want to make everyone who ever said a rude comment to you feel sorry they weren’t nicer?
  5. What about that dream house? That dream job? (Imagine having so much money you won’t even have to work, you’ll wake up whenever) That dream car, that dream girl? (You’ll be able to sleep with whom ever, wherever!)That dream wedding? Have you seen Instagram pre-wedding photo shoots these days? Even proposals? ( I dunno, is it me or is everyone already rich and living lavish? Getting engaged abroad?) You’ll be able to propose while bungee jumping.
  6. What of respect? You’ll be allowed into everywhere, you’ll be friends with celebrities, presidents. If you get into trouble, you get a presidential pardon or hire the best lawyers in the world.
  7. Money can buy anything. You can do a video with Lil Wayne or pay your way into a movie with James Bond. You can even have gadgets like James Bond’s made for you in real life
  8. You live longer and happier with no stress and no debt. People will do your worrying for you.
  9. You can change your wardrobe whenever you want to, not minding the price tag.
  10. You’ll have access to all the best things in life; health care, technology… if the earth were to be destroyed, you and your family could be among the people flown to mars for safety.

I really dunno about you but I want to be super wealthy; I want to be a billionaire … so freaking bad! like Bruno Mars sang. I want my kids to have it all; I want to have it all.

Yes, the ambitious ones all want this, but it all boils down to one thing … What are you doing to achieve this mega dream of yours? Are you just sitting, waiting for the day Chevron employs you and pays you one or more million a month?

Rome they say, wasn’t built in a day; you have to fight for what you want in life; fight hard!  A lot of people are talented in different spheres of life. Lots of doctors, fashion designers, bloggers, etc. But what makes you stand out is a little more push than the next person. How driven are you to be something/one different?  How driven are you to not give up but keep pushing even when you fall down? People do not get rich in a day, except, maybe those that had a legacy left for them. And guess what? You can do that, you can leave a legacy for your generation and it all starts with one little thing. What’s that? Determination and Hard work!

So, get rich or die trying?

I am @Lord__Nina

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