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Great Hacks For Every Female

Hey girls; a lot of us, if not all of us are familiar with beauty or fashion hacks; quick fixes in case you ever get into a funk one day – milk of magnesium instead of a face primer, using paper to make a ring more snug, using a rubber band to make that tight jeans button up; etc.

So many, many hacks and all of them useful.

Well… in my constant pursuit of knowledge, I came across a YouTube video by a Patricia Bright about life hacks for women, I found it so useful that I thought I’d share with everyone.

Talk about our lady bits and how they should smell is practically an everyday topic.

I even just found out that there is a Vagina deodorant. Smh. My darling women, (the smart ones) please, all you can do for yourself is to wear cotton panties. Silk is nice and sexy yes, but they shouldn’t be everyday underwear. You have to constantly air down there and cotton underwear are great for aeration. And also, it won’t hurt to be naked every night, stop suffocating your vajay jay.

So you know how you sometimes want to just go out braless or you have a backless dress that needs to be worn braless but the big ol’ nipples won’t let you be great?

And you really can’t use a tape because it would look tacky and make you feel uncomfortable? Well, you can use a nursing pad! These are so great because they are soft, they would stick to your boobs and even soak up sweat.  They are waay more comfy than tacky tapes and for those that want to add extra volume to the boobs, these would do too.

Still on adding volumes to boobs, did you know that if you do chest exercises for about 15 to 20 minutes your chest would look bigger for a while?

So let’s say you want to impress someone next tomorrow, better start doing planks or any exercise that focuses on the chest region and your chest area would look fuller.  I haven’t tried this yet, but my sources tell me it’s legit. So please try it and tell me if it works.

This hack is for those with facial hair that they want to get rid of.

Try shaving. Shave like guys do. You know, with the shaving cream and the razors. Don’t be scared. Contrary to the belief, your hair won’t come back darker and fuller. But be careful to avoid bumps and razor cuts; apply a little conditioner before shaving.

Coconut oil right now is a must have.

If you’re a girl and you don’t have this then, go and get it. It’s great for everything. It removes makeup, moisturizes the skin, used for hair treatment and I even heard it whitens the teeth.

This one if for the nosey, I-like-to-know-every-thing-about-my-friends people like me.

Let’s say you go out with your friend and you ask him/her a question and they are being evasive and acting all “closed up,” what to do? Ask a question and wait, don’t say any word, just wait wait wait until it gets awkward, the person could be forced to open up.

Tired of rushing? No matter how you try to hurry you always end up going to work or school late? Here’s a fun thing to do; create a playlist. Now time yourself and select a track for everything you do, the track would help you know when to start something and when to finish. Let’s say; you would select a Beyoncé track for showering, when it starts, get in the shower and make sure you get out before the song ends then the Jay z song starts and you know it’s time to make up … gerritt?

All ye shopaholics!

People that go shopping and buy the same type of shoes or shirts and end up regretting and wasting money, this is for you. Before you go shopping, take a picture of your wardrobe or closet this way before you buy anything, you then can check if you have it or if you need it.

The last but not the least; if you have it flaunt it.

If you have great enchanting eyes… use them, if you have a killer smile, smile a lot. Use what you have to get what you want. Positively, please!

So there goes, folks … hacks that every woman should have at the back of her pocket. Very useful don’t you agree?


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