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How To Be A Great Boyfriend And Husband

From a girl’s perspective, if you want to make your girl or wife (or both … *wink*) happy, then I have some advice for you. It is one thing to get a girl you really like to date you, it is another thing to keep her and keep her happy at that. I really don’t know how hard it could be to please a girl, we are so easy. A word can get us grinning for a day. Screaming “These h*es ain’t loyal” won’t solve anything, if you make us happy, we’ll stay loyal forever. You can’t treat us like trash and expect us to stay loyal to you. It ain’t gonna happen. If we ain’t loyal, believe me, it’s your fault.

  1. Be responsible

Be the type of man that is trustworthy and reliable, not just for your girl but your friends and family. Make things happen rather than wait for them to. Don’t be the type of man to blame people for everything that happens to you, be accountable.

  1. Confidence

What girls hate more than a coward is a poor man and believe me, if you lack confidence then you most likely are poor. You have to pick a hustle bruh… How will you even ask a girl out if you lack self assurance let alone keep her happy? Confidence hides a lot of things, if you aren’t that good looking or you don’t have that much cash but can dress well and carry yourself with an air of confidence, your girl will appreciate you better.

  1. Respect her

If your girl doesn’t like you talking to Aisha because she threatened to steal you from her and you invite Aisha to your house when your girl is around, you don’t have respect for her. When you flirt with every Tina, Diana and Hanna in front of your girlfriend and whistle when they walk past you certainly don’t have respect for her … Girls dig a guy that shows respect for them. Really. When you hit your girl, you definitely have no regards for her so when she leaves you for another man, don’t go saying these girls are the same. Respect her and her name, lol.

  1. Be open Minded

Communicate. Don’t be forming Ninja, King Kong and lose your girl. If something she did or does is bothers you, tell her. Tell her so she could make adjustments. Don’t just talk about what she did, talk to her about your problems, share your emotions with her. Girls are suckers for guys that can express themselves. Don’t overdo it thought. Open minded not cry baby.

  1. Do chores

Simply doing the dishes or cutting the onions when she’s making dinner can make a girl appreciate you more. Those types of men are rare and when we find a guy who helps with chores, we often want to keep him. So don’t be a lazy bum, get up and cook dinner for a change. Girls really love domesticated guys.

  1. Show her off

Even if you are the indoors type, show your girl off, especially to friends and family, she’ll feel important and loved, and it shows you are proud of her. Take her to family dinners or friends night out, let her interact with your circle and interact with hers too.

  1. Love her and make sure she knows

If you love your girl, let her know. Tell her every day, in every possible way. Pamper her and spoil her regularly. She’s your girl, let her know. Treat her right and give her everything she desires if you can. Monetary gifts and all. *wink*

  1. Don’t choke her

Just how you might want to be alone sometimes know your girl might want to too. Try not to choke her, don’t demand too much all the time. Let her miss you a little. After all they said absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  1. Try new adventures

Staying at home all the time gets boring, if you have the money, take her somewhere fun once in a while. Lodge with her in fancy hotels for the weekend and go for walks and dinners in nice restaurants. Remind her of the queen she is.

  1. Sex

The second most important one ( most important is no 7). If you don’t want one guy like that to just up and steal your girl, better start spicing up your sex life, try new fun stuff with her and always aim to satisfy her in bed. I know a lot of girls dating good guys but keep saying they want out because of the sex. So know what you’re doing.

Your girl will stay loyal if she has no reason to distrust you, so apart from doing all I just listed above, try and gain her trust. Don’t forget communication is key to make any relationship work. And remember, Girls love gifts.


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