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10 Foods You Must Keep Away From A Baby

Did you know that there are some foods that you must never give to a baby?

My 5-month old niece has this habit of staring at you longingly as you eat. She would even stretch out her hands wanting to grab your food, sometimes even moving her mouth. Now I don’t know if all babies do this or it’s just her. On more than one occasion I’ve been tempted to mash a little food into her mouth. I’ve given her eggs, avocados, even groundnuts. Imagine my horror when I discovered you’re not supposed to give babies egg whites.

As a caring aunt, I decided to look up foods or fruits babies should avoid until they get older. Here are some of my findings.

1 – Egg whites

As harmless as eggs are they could cause severe allergy reactions. So if you must give eggs, give babies the yolk instead.

2 – Salt and salty food

Keep babies away from these, snacks like salty crackers or salty foods are a no no, simply because salts are not really good for growing babies. Don’t worry, they’ll taste enough salt, just not yet.

3 – Honey

Believe it or not, the all natural, all wonderful honey is not good for kids. It is better to avoid it for the mean time. Why? Honey possesses something called clostridium botulinum spores that cause infant botulism. (What it means is that it causes babies’ muscles to start weakening resulting to breathing problems) So do not give babies honey or even foods containing honey.

4 – Some Vegetables

Such as lettuce, spinach; beets are some veggies that babies should avoid. (This one actually surprises me because I thought veggies would be the only thing good for babies) These veggies contain Nitrate that are too high for babies. Veggies like carrots should be in purée form if it is to be fed to a baby. Because they are too hard to digest and the baby could choke on them.

5 – Some fishes like swordfish, tuna fish, and shark (I dunno who would feed a baby shark). They are high in mercury so please, keep them away from babies

6 – Sodas and fruit juices

Sodas; like coke, contain caffeine which a baby does not need to consume at all. Fruit juice is high in natural sugar which is acidic; this can affect the babies growing teeth. So, wait till the baby is older, like a year plus before fruit juice which you’ll have to dilute.

7 – Seeds and nuts

In other to avoid choking, please keep seeds and nuts away from babies – far away. Don’t even drop them around because your kids could pick them up and stuff into their throat. Another reason to avoid seeds and nuts is because some kids are allergic to some; so it’s best to wait a year before feeding them with seeds and nuts when you can properly monitor them.

8 – Peanut butter

I once suggested giving my niece peanut butter since it’s almost like mashed groundnuts, well I bite my tongue now, please keep this away from babies, just like seed and nuts, they could be allergic to peanuts and believe it or not, babies can choke on it to.

9 – Some fruits; like berries and citruses should not be given to babies until maybe a year, berries like strawberry, raspberry and all the plenty berries contain a kind of protein hard for babies to digest and citrus like oranges can cause stomach upsets and rashes around the diaper area as well as face and back because of its high acidity.

10 – Weets and chocolates

Another ‘no-no’. These are choking hazards and chocolates contain caffeine too. I have seen a baby choke, it’s the scariest thing ever, believe me you don’t want to experience it. Imagine how you feel when food goes down the wrong way, then imagine a little helpless baby choking, it’s simply heart wrenching.

So no matter how a baby looks at you or cries, don’t give him/her any of these foods or any food you’re unsure of. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Prevention is better than cure.

Is there anything I left out or something else you would love to contribute to this article? Please use the comments section.

By Lord__Nina

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