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How To Act On A First Date

We all agree that humans are a little bit too difficult to please, We tend to jump into conclusion a little bit too early and we might even start judging people we don’t know at first glance. If you laugh ‘too much’ you’re a clown and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you frown ‘a lot’ you don’t have a sense of humor or you’re a sadist. Knowing this about people, I don’t understand how you’ll go on a first date with

someone you just met and be farting and laughing anyhow, or telling the person how you landed in jail because you beat up your driver. I mean come on… First dates are meant to be impressive (remember first impressions matter).

Someone asked people on my Timeline (Twitter) the silliest reasons they didn’t go out on a second date. And as expected, the responses were but absurd.

For example, why would you take a girl out on a first date and start talking in a not so subtle way, about what her mouth will be good for? And you girl, on your first date you unbuckled your belt to eat? I’m team be yourself, be natural. But come-on, this is something you should be doing in the comfort of your home not on a first date.

Boyfriends/girlfriends are too hard to find these days, so don’t go chasing away the one that you’ve managed to see. Here are a few simple tips to make your first dates a good one.

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1) Stay groomed

First and foremost, my brothers, no decent girl will go out with a tacky looking dude. Get a fresh haircut; wear a nice shirt with a nice chinos or good Polo with your good pair of jeans depending on the occasion. And please do not ruin your appearance with horrible looking shoes – ditch that green monstrosity you call shoes and wear a good pair (preferable black). And play it safe; leave your bucket hat, your 50 cent revolvable buckle belt, your bling bling at home, all these things make you look ridiculous to be honest.

And my sister, don’t wear a deep cut neck line and expect a brother not to peek a little. Keep the makeup at a minimal; we don’t want you looking like a clown. Brush your teeth; comb your hair, put on perfume that won’t choke the life out of your date. Just look good and smell good!

2) Smile

Smiling makes you more approachable. It is always easier to talk to someone who is smiling than one frowning. So smile and be polite.

3) Make eye contact

Guys, even if she has jugs the size of your head, please let her not catch you staring, girls find this rude and it makes us uncomfortable.

And girls, I know it’s a bit hard to not stare at your surroundings but remember to pay attention to your date. Making eye contact shows you’re interested in someone.

4) Listen

Don’t go yapping about you you you! Listen to what your date has to say; don’t just listen, genuinely pay attention. It’s going to be a big turn off if you keep yawning or forget yourself and your date has to tap you back to life. People like being listened to.

5) Please, don’t forget your manners at home

Hello, farting isn’t funny. Talking with food in your mouth is utterly gross. Picking your nose, putting your hand in your mouth because something is stuck in there? Don’t you ever try this on the first date! I don’t care how your date says he/she likes people who are themselves, this isn’t being yourself; this is being a mannerless moron. So use your cutlery, be nice to your waiters, excuse yourself and handle any disgusting business, no one wants to see that on a first date.

6) Complainers are a big turn off

On a first date and you’re talking about how your boss hurt your feelings? How your sister wore your cloth and forgot to iron? How wicked the world is? Complains aren’t sexy! So you should totally not come on a first date with them.

7) Be mysterious

If you tell your date everything about yourself on a first date, it means a) you talk too much and no one likes a talkative b) there might be nothing left to get to know, you’ve already told your date everything including how you shot the sheriff … Best believe a 2nd date might not happen.

So have an air of mystery around you, let your date want to know things about you and take time to unravel. It’s not everything about you someone should know immediately.

8) Display self confidence

Confident not arrogant. Know the difference. The latter is a huge no no for many people, show you’re comfortable with yourself and your date and don’t be rude and pompous. The whole ‘I-can-get-what-I-want’ attitude should be thrown out the window.

9) Relax

Don’t let nervousness make you do what you won’t ordinarily do on a normal day. Try and relax, smile and laugh away your nervousness … Don’t over smile or laugh though, before they say something is wrong with you.  Remember this is a person like you; he/she won’t bite you, so calm down, breath in, and breath out. Be yourself. Everything will go smoothly once you relax. (Being yourself doesn’t mean ordering 3 wraps of fufu, you have food at home, go and eat it.)


10) Don’t come on too strong

I don’t know about others, but if you try to kiss me on a first date I would push you away, might even try to slap you – might actually even slap you. And then you’ll be labeled as a perv forever. So dear guys, to avoid any misfortune, take it easy. Watch her body language. This might even mislead you. So just respect yourself and kiss on another date when she would be comfortable and let you.

And girls, the first date isn’t the date to start talking about marriage. Calm down please. There is time for everything.

I bet if you do all these on a first date you are guaranteed a second date; unless your ancestors are working against you.

So that’s it guys, did I leave out anything? Something that you would love to contribute? You should drop us some comments.

I am, Lord__Nina

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