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Tackling The Crux Of Insurgency In Nigeria

Insurgency is a deliberate and organised rebellion with a sole objective to oust a constituted government or authority by means of callous acts perpetrated by unscrupulous elements. It’s no longer new to Nigerians at home and those in the diaspora, that the activities of the so called insurgents have crippled economic activities in the North and other parts of the country. Their operations have made previous administrations in our country look incompetent and unable to change the plight of Nigerians.

What looked like a group clamouring for some religious right went out of place, like a peaceful protest turned violent and could no longer be contained by state governments in the North East and neighbouring political zones.

The inability of state governments to curb the menace of insurgents in their respective States, prompted the Federal government to wade in with her military apparatus, a move some analysts claim did more harm than good, with a suggestion that dialogue with the disgruntled leaders of the group with a proper reorientation and rehabilitation of victims should have been more appropriate.

Some writers have traced the cause of insurgency to be sociopolitical coupled with religious issues. Well, to some extent I would agree with them. I often tell my friends and colleagues that corruption emanates from greed. In the same vain, it is not wrong or a misconception of reality for me to say that insurgency emanates from society’s negligence on the poor and less privileged who are Rejected by society, Left to feed on refuse bins and molested by fellow humans.

The Nigerian society has labeled them ALMAJIRIS, STREET BOYS or more formally put BEGGARS. Whatever name society has chose to call them isn’t the issue, the issue is this, the same ALMAJIRIS, STREET BOYS or BEGGARS we knew yesterday, have grown to hate society and humans in general. Now, they have come to hate man and his activities due to man’s negligence and hostile acts towards them.

Someone reading this could quickly say nothing justifies the act of terror, but believe it or not, it’s man’s social being that determines his thinking, since he was shown hostility to, don’t you think being hostile will be normality for him or her? Of course yes.

Come to think of it s/he was raised under the bridge with no one empathizing with him/her not even the Government. S/he was called a thief in the neighbourhood because s/he had no one to lean on.

Our society is often cruel to the vulnerable. Negativity and inhumane treatment is the reality of the so called “”STREET KIDS”” and we feel it’s normal.

If all your life you’ve been surrounded by haters and maltreatment from follow humans, what do you think would be your thoughts towards mankind? Evil, Hatred with callousness I suppose. Value is reciprocal, you can’t possibly hold one like a pinch of salt and expect to be carried like a bag of RICE or GARRI.

I do not disagree with writers who claim insurgency in Nigeria has a political undertone, but at the same time, I do not want to tow their path. The truth is that, the huge sum of money allocated to security and for tackling of insurgency in our country has often gone the way of dinosaurs. This then brings to mind, the concern of lack of Political will for tackling Insurgency. But for how long will our leaders sit to condemn the terror acts of these insurgents, instead of coming to terms with the reality that their leadership couple with society of which they claim they pilot its affairs has failed certain citizens and that these citizens have named the society their enemy.

Taking on insurgents, with your entire military arsenal available, without a reorientation, rehabilitation, and reintegration of the vulnerable into the larger society by creating an enabling environment for them will be like gathering hay under the rain. Government’s inability to dictate the crux of insurgency is making her war against insurgents look vapid. Inasmuch as there are vulnerable people in our society insurgency will continue to thrive. When the vulnerable people amongst us are not reached out to, they get hijacked by evil elements that will prey on their minds making them believe that the society has hurt them so much. Evil ideologies will be sold to them so as to hurt the society in retaliation.

It becomes imperative therefore, for government to reach out to these ones first, in other to give them the right orientation and sense of belonging. Only this way, will we be tackling insurgency from the Crux.

By Onyeije Emmanuel Chizurum‎

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