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4 Very Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Is it just me or have mosquitoes become fatter and more troublesome? They seem to be immortal these days. I really hope it’s just me. As Nigerians, mosquitoes are not new to us, we are constantly battling with these destructive little devils that won’t let you sleep. As if that isn’t enough they give malaria too. People with sensitive skin like me suffer most from mosquito bites, because once we scratch it starts rising and often leaves a black mark. So for people allergic to mosquito bites, it’s best not to scratch that itch, there are so many natural things to do to get rid of mosquito itch; like applying honey, lemon or lime, oatmeal, toothpaste, ice, aloe vera … and so one on the itch. You can even just apply pressure to the bite or draw around it with a ball pen. Rubbing alcohol and soaps too can reduce the itch.

Now, back to the topic.

Did you know that apart from Insecticides, mosquito coils, sleeping under an insecticide treated nets there are other natural and really easy things you could do to get rid of these strong and mighty yet so tiny bugs? Here are a few things that that you can do to get rid of mosquitos – you’d be so surprised.

1) Camphor

Remember this? Yes, they help get rid of the quitos. Just light it up, make sure you close all doors and windows. Then enter 15 to 20 minutes to a mosquito free room. Pretty easy right?

2) Garlic

It smells horrible I don’t blame mosquitoes for not loving it. Consuming a lot of garlic makes you untouchable by these bugs, you could rub it on your body too, just crush some and apply. If you want to, you could crush it, boil it in water and spray the water all over the room.

3) Mint

Mint oil and extracts are as strong as any mosquito repellent. That means, you could apply it to your body before sleeping and mosquitoes would keep away. You can also mix mint flavoured mouthwash with water and spray. (I’ll try normal mint toothpaste too and see if it works like the mouth wash)

4) Lavender

Luckily, something that smells so good keeps these insects away. Hurray! Be it lavender flowers or the oil, the fragrance keeps mosquitoes off. (I don’t know if lavender grows In Nigeria, but I know lavender oil is sold here) Lavenders are great air freshening mosquito repellents and you can add them to your body lotion too, pretty cool right? They keep mosquitoes away while making you smell so good.

So there you go, natural and easy ways to avoid and get rid of mosquitoes. Believe me they work! You should try them.


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