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My Favorite Shawarma Joints In Port Harcourt

Whoever said food is life wasn’t kidding, or was it water? I really don’t care though, food…water, they are life. I am a foodie, I absolutely love food; if it’s good I’ll eat it. I love anything from junk food to salad. I’ve eaten almost every kind of food in Port Harcourt, from local to intercontinental … Who in Nigeria doesn’t know what Shawarmas are? The most famous junk food I would say, yummy wrapped delicious creamy goodness, I don’t even care how much calories it packs, I just love it.

For someone who eats a lot like me, you are bound to come across the good, the bad and the absolutely terrible. One time I ate this shawarma with too much onions and ketchup. I almost cried, it was horrible! So, if you’re in Pitakwa or visiting, in order not to experience that horrific disappointment, here’s a list of my favorite shawarma spots. My friends love these places too…

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Located in G.R.A., just very close to Metro Park and Cubana. I have to say, this is a lot of people’s favorite. You usually have to wait in line, because there is constantly a small crowd here. The shawarma is heavenly.

Kelly’s Sports Bar

Also in G.R.A., opposite Casablanca, you’ll find Kelly’s, that’s what we call it. Another superb shawarma spot, luckily these ones are mostly prepared already, so you just have to pick, pay and go. Don’t be scared, it’s very fresh. Fresh and absolutely delicious.


Cosmo Lounge

The shawarma here is an absolute life saver. Now I don’t know if it’s the excitement of dancing and loud music that makes it taste so great – whatever it could be, it’s really working. And it’s so convenient, after all the clubbing and drinking you could just eat this delicious sharwama to regain lost energy.

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Cubana Lounge and Event Center

It seems all the great sharwamas are made in G.R.A. Not so far from all the other great shawarma places I just mentioned is Cubana, a lounge and event center, they have greeaat shawarma too amongst other great foods.

Cloud 9 Bar

Still in G.R.A., it’s on number 10A Onne road. Their shawarma will take you to cloud 9, literally.

Full Moon Restaurant and Bar

Personally I haven’t been to this restaurant but a friend supplies steady shawarma from there and I have had no complaints, it tastes so so good. I feel like howling from the moon whenever I have a bite.


The one at Agip junction. Absolutely delicious too. I’m never disappointed with this Shawarma. Never!

Eat bar

This bar is on staduim road, a friend took me there and anytime I’m in the area that’s my go to shawarma spot. Fat juicy shawarma. I’m making myself hungry just at the thought.

So that’s all folks, my friends and I agree that these places sell the best shawarmas we’ve tasted, and if you’re in Pitakwa as i said earlier, bet I mentioned some places you love too.

I’m sure you would have discovered other great spots that you would love to share with us. tell us.

By Nina, @Lord__Nina

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