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Why You Should Be Eating Catfish

We all love Catfish! I’m not talking about people who posse as other people on social media. I mean the fish. So yeah, we all love catfish. They taste great, whether you choose to boil or roast it; I really dunno if you can fry catfishes – I think I should try that … I’m sure it would taste great as always. Anyways, apart from its great taste, there are many great things about catfishes – health wise. Check these out:

1) It is Low in Calories and Fats

Women need about 300 to 500 calories a day while men need 400 to 600. The catfish is great because 3 oz of it contains about 122 calories (you know how fishes are cut when you buy them in the market, one middle section is about 3oz). And in fat? This 3oz contains 6.1 g and 2 g of it is saturated fat (it’s a good thing that the saturated fat is so little). Please note it’s wise to consume just 16 to 22g of fat a day. So you can even eat 6oz of catfish and not be scared your calories will sky rocket. How great is that?

2) A serving of catfish gives you about 15.6g of protein and this is totally awesome; why? This protein comes with all the amino acid your body needs and it helps build lean muscle mass, improves the efficiency of your immune functions and should in case you didn’t take enough carbohydrates, these protein will give you energy.

3) It Has Low Mercury

If there are, 100 fishes in the world about 80 are high in mercury. Mercury is the bad stuff, it can affect your nervous system, so stay away from it. Catfish is one of the only fishes that contain low mercury. Except if the water it came out from has a high level of mercury though, so to be on the safe side, it’s best to consume at least 12 oz per week.

4) Provides Vitamin B-12

Teens and adults need 2.4mcg of vitamin b-12 a day and catfishes provide about 40% of the needed vitamins, which help breakdown foods into usable energy, in the process enhancing nerve functions too. People who have memory loss or suffering from fatigue and weakness are advised to take vitamin b-12.

5) Contains Healthy Fatty Acids

Catfish is rich in omega 3 and omega 6. And we all know the wonderful benefits of Omega 3; reduces high blood pressure, reduces risk of certain cancer, reduces inflammatory conditions and improves mental and cognitive health. Now, Omega 6 is not so common; while it reduces blood cholesterol levels, Oyibo people claim it and I quote “Has clotting functions, inflammatory and susceptible to Oxidation;” now this means it’s possible it increases risk of blood clots, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer. (Now I know why Omega 6 isn’t that popular.)

I’m not discouraged by this Omega 6, catfish does more good than harm, so I will keep eating it and it won’t give me inflammatory bowel disease, because Omega 3 won’t let it!

So there you have it, 5 great health benefits of catfish and itsy bitsy risk of eating catfish. Will you keep eating catfish like me or run away because of Omega 6?

By Nina, @Lord__Nina

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