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The Wonderful Benefits of Eating Mangoes

Yaaay it’s Mango season.

One of my best fruits seasons. I was talking to a friend the other day and he goes ‘ I don’t really like mangoes.’ I was momentarily stunned; is it even possible that some people do not like mangoes? I mean, mangoes, one of the juiciest, most delicious fruits in Nigeria and you tell me you don’t like them? Well, I’m here to give you reasons (more than 5 reasons) to absolutely adore mangoes like I do. You know we have a lot of species of mangoes (I’ve seen 6 in Nigeria) and they all taste delicious. Apart from being so tasty, mangoes have so many health benefits (some of them will blow your mind). So here are some of the wonderful benefits eating mangoes:

  1. Obviously it’s delicious and it makes for a great snack.
  2. If you want to lose some weight, mangoes should be your buddy; they burn additional calories because of the fibers they posses. They even make you feel fuller so that you won’t over eat – you know.
  3. Mangoes help clear the skin and they are great for pimples too, whether you eat it or keep slices on your face. You can even mash it, mix it with honey and milk and use as a body scrubs, your skin will feel smooth and soft.images (12)(1)
  4. Mangoes are great for your digestive systems too. The fibers and enzymes that are contained in them help to breakdown protein.
  5. They contain antioxidants that help prevent or fight against cancer.
  6. Because of all the acids contained in mangoes (good acids of course) consumption of mangoes help maintain the Alkali reserve of the body.
  7. They are good for the diabetic – both the fruits and the leaves. You can boil some leaves, then soak throughout the night and drink after filtering; would help regulate the insulin level.
  8. Because of the Vitamins A in mangoes, they promote good eyesight, eliminating dry eyes and night blindness.
  9. Mangoes boost your immune system – helping you stay healthy and strong because of all the Vitamin Cs and As and over 25 types of carotenoids (good stuff).
  10. You know how hot it gets in this country; I always joke that we’d suffer heat strokes one day, well, what do you know, mangoes prevent heat strokes. Just juice green mangoes and drink and it cools down your body and prevents harm in case the body over heats.
  11. I hear mangoes are called the love fruit because they boost sex drives and regulate sex hormones because of the abundant Vitamin E. It also enhances men’s vigor.download (20)(1)
  12. They contain some acids that help in concentration and memory boost, so it’s probably good for those writing exams, you’ll concentrate and remember almost everything you read.
  13. They contain irons and this is good for anaemics. Also it will increase the iron and calcium levels of menopausal women.
  14. They also help to reduce chances of kidney stone.

I swear, mango is a super fruit; it’s like the superman, wonder woman of all fruits.download (22)

So if you’re not eating it because of the taste, eat it because of all the benefits it has to offer. After all we all want to live long and healthy.

Lord Nina is a Pitakwa Times contributor and she tweets from @Lord__Nina

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