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What To Do When You Absolutely Hate Your Boss

The Holy Book says don’t hate people – Christianity, Islam says don’t hate people. But there are some situations that you find out that you absolutely detest someone; in other words this person is a jerk – or whatever; situations when you realize that you can’t stand someone.

The office is a place where you spend a lot of hours in the day, what happens when that someone that you don’t like or absolutely detest is your boss? Here are a few things that you need to know:

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  1. Do Not Make It Personal

You hate your boss. But he is your boss. So what does that mean? You still have to do your job. When you hate your boss, there is a higher probability that your boss also hates you. When this is the case it means that your job must be above-board.

Your job must be perfect; no errors. [Because] If you have errors the boss who hates you will not cover up for you. This means that your small errors will be escalated into public domain. It will be like making a mountain out of a molehill. So when you hate your boss rule number one is that your job must remain perfect. Take time to cross check your work. Take time to ensure that there are no lapses and your boss can not have ammunition against you.

  1. Be Very Ambiguous When and If you Are Insulting Him

What do I mean by insulting? Yeah I know, you are not supposed to insult anyone (especially your boss) but there is what is called Polite Insult. If you must insult your boss whom you hate be very ambiguous because you don’t want it to get to HR and your boss says that you told him or her that he or she is crazy.

So when I mean politely insult, I mean be very smart about it. If you are going to insult your boss make sure there are no witnesses or evidence that can be presented against you. You can do it codedly, like a hiss, or side eyes that can be interpreted to mean anything.

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But remember no evidence. No witnesses. Because you don’t want to be reported to HR that your boss is accusing you of insulting him and somebody else collaborates the so called act of insult which can be judged as insubordination and which can be a case for dismissal. So if you must hate your boss in the work place, leave no witnesses, leave no evidence of the hatred.

  1. When You Absolutely Hate Your Boss, Do Not Show It

I know this is somehow difficult but the power of you hating somebody is when they do not know where they stand with you. If you hate your boss and you go about showing it and your boss understands that you hate him or her, you have given away your power or element of surprise.

When your boss knows that you hate him, definitely your appraisal will tend to be negative. But when he doesn’t know, what he doesn’t know cannot hurt him, or you.

If you hate your boss and your boss is having a party, be the first person to arrive; always be the first person to congratulate him. That element of surprises is for you alone, for the innermost chamber of your heart that you hate this person so when you are going to hit him he won’t know that you don’t like him. That’s the element of surprise. I think that’s the most important factor when you hate your boss – don’t let your other Colleagues know either.

For example, if A knows that you hate B and A wants to find favour with B, A will tell B that C which is you does not like him. But if A and B do not know that you don’t like B, you can play your card well and get both A and B to like you since they don’t know that you don’t like B.

So that element of surprise is what you should always maintain for yourself; no one should see you coming.

  1. Suck Up To Your Boss’ Boss

There is a higher probability that your boss has a boss. So when you absolutely hate your boss, you have to work extra hard to ensure that his own boss (your boss’s boss) likes you. [There is a reason for this] This is so that if it ever comes to a time when they have to choose, there is somebody of authority on your side.

There maybe be something that your boss is supposed to do, for example, but forgot to do it, you can do it but subtly make sure that your boss’s boss knows that you did it – in a roundabout way – don’t go being a snitch. You have to work extra hard, by sucking up to your boss’ boss to ensure that there is somebody in the management team who likes you.

So that’s it people.

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By @Anitanwabuzor

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