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Dear Port Harcourt Youth, Stop Wasting And Start Working

Cool thing the Rivers re-run elections have come and gone (even though inconclusive); now every resident of Port Harcourt is looking forward to an effective and efficient leadership by Wike and the PDP led government. All we pray is that they take our city and our state higher. I had to write this open letter to our youths because I have a serious concern. The former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan lost his re-election bid in April 2015 but it seems we cannot just get past that. We continue to feel betrayed, deceived and hate for everyone or anyone who did not support GEJ or the PDP in the 2015 general election. We think that they are our enemies and we must destroy or continue to ridicule them. In fact, all our lives seem to revolve around politics only, as if that is all there is to life and success.

Because of politics we have abandoned our God-given talents. We do not want to do anything else. The result being that we become ready to be used by politicians to cause mayhem in our own villages and towns. We send ourselves to hell for peanuts by politicians who would not even acknowledge us afterwards.

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As I write this, people can no longer afford to sleep with their eyes closed in Ahoada West, Ahoada East, Abua/Odua, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government areas, to mention a few. Cultism promoted by politicians is now the order of the day. They intimidate, rape women and girls at home and in the farms, and extort money and valuable properties from already impoverished villagers. When and how did we descend this low?

They told us many times that we youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but they keep giving us guns and dynamites to destroy ourselves today. How can we be leaders of tomorrow when we are already dying today? How can we be leaders of tomorrow when most of us are busy wasting our time and energy doing nothing?

Some of us are very educated; some of us did not even go to school. Yet, each one of us is gifted. We have what it takes to make our lives successful. We have what it takes to be great without having to submit our lives to be used for and by evil. What would it profit us to lose our hands or legs or eyes for N10,000?

You may have roamed the streets in search of jobs unsuccessfully. We know that the country is hard. But ‘the country is hard’ is not enough excuse to waste our lives away! You can’t sit down, fold your hands and expect manner to fall from heaven for you. You have to start working. With the talent that I believe that you already have you can go out there and start doing something. Some of us will say that there is nothing to do … how can you say that there is nothing to do when you have two eyes, two hands, two legs and a head? Use your head. Open your eyes, there are always something to do. Don’t think of doing one big thing. Start from where you are now. Start small. Big things start small. Don’t look for an office, start in your backyard. Use your smart phone, to change your life. Look inward and recognize your talent.

See; don’t believe what any bad belle person says, Rivers is a great state. There is something about Port Harcourt city that gives opportunity to everyone who has something of value to offer.

Don’t depend on your certificates. Depend on what you can create on your own. I urge you to step up and be the transformation that you want to see in Rivers State, but it begins with you first as a person.

Let me give you a few ideas.

You can begin a laundry service. Become a graphic designer; cash in on your vehicle (use your car as executive taxi); go into affiliate or network marketing; become a baby sitter for parents who work late; help busy parents do school runs; baking, photography, social media manager, writer, painter, home teacher/lessons. There is so much that a value minded person can do in this our city to earn an extra income. Why waste any more of your time looking for a job that is far away when you can start working for yourself with little or nothing?

After the recent election in the state, President Buhari said that River state is the most violent state in Nigeria. How did we come to this gross and shameful situation? If there was no politics, won’t we do something else? We cannot continue this way. The transformation begins with you, today. Believe that.

Before there was PDP or APC, there was you, and there was Rivers State. And Rivers State will still exist after PDP and APC.

Wike is governor. Amaechi is a Federal Minister. Mrs. Ibim Semenitari is MD of NDDC. Dakuku Peterside is now NIMASA DG, but they have one thing in common – they are all Rivers daughter and sons. So Rivers State is still winning. Be wise. Stay woke!

I will stop here for now. And would love to read your comments.


A concerned Port Harcourt youth,

Stanley G. Jack, @Realstanleyjack

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