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The Real Reasons Nyesom Wike Ordered Works Commissioner’s Indefinite Suspension

That Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State in a surprise move ordered the immediate suspension of Mr. Kelvin Wachukwu, the State Commissioner of Works on Friday is no longer news.

However, the unanswered question on the lips of every Rivers person now is, what happened? Why did Wike suspend his Works Commissioner? What was Mr. Kelvin Wachukwu’s offense? Can we get answers to these questions, and quickly too?

Could the suspension be a result of misappropriation of funds, or poor performance on the part of Mr. Wachukwu? Big question!

According to the announcement made on Friday by the Special Assistant to the governor on Electronic Media, Simeon Nwakaudu, the Special Adviser on Projects will oversee the works ministry in the meantime. No reason was given for the commissioner’s indefinite suspension.

Our contact inside the Rivers State Ministry of Works, however said that Mr. Wachukwu has a poor record of work culture; always seen to favour his own kinsmen in the ministry, and that the commissioner should have been suspended earlier than this time.

It is also on record that this is not the first time that Governor Nyesom Wike will be suspending his government officials. In February the Commissioner of Finance and the state’s Accountant General were suspended, but recalled only after two days. Would the suspended commissioner of works be recalled after two or more days also?

Actions like this raise a lot of questions that need to be answered. This is government; and of the people. So the people of Rivers State need to know that their governor is acting in their best interest, especially if Mr. Kelvin Wachukwu misappropriated his office or had acted in a manner unbecoming of a honourable commissioner.

The governor earlier on Friday inspected some road projects in Port Harcourt and declared that it was time to deliver the dividends of democracy to Rivers people since politics was over; that, is a relief. And this writer looks forward to seeing lesser pot holes on Port Harcourt roads.

P.S: If you know the real insider reason, or something close to it, why the commissioner was declared indefinitely suspended, whisper to us. Use the comments section. Don’t be selfish with information like that. Thank you.

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