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Crucial Questions Girls Ask Before Deciding To Date You; you’ll be amazed

Hello single ones, and the non single ones; this is for my brothers – all the bros in the house, say yaay!. So you have you eyes set on that hot girl right? From a girl’s perspective, here are tips on what girls are on a look out for in a guy; most girls ask these before dating a guy:

How much do you make?

Let no one deceive you that money is not important when a girl is considering dating a guy or not. This is Nigeria, let’s be truthful, most girl would want to know if their potential boyfriend is swimming in cheda. You know, if the mula is there.

A girl wants someone who can take her out on fancy dates, buy her stuff; spoil her silly. That’s not gold digging. No.

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How do you get your money?

Okay, so your potential bae is comfortable with your money status, now how do you make said money? Legitimate or nah? Do you have a job that pays you a salary or are you a businessman? If you say you’re a business man, what business is it that that you do? And if you have a job, where is it that you work? A real girl wants to know what you do for a living.

Are you stingy or liberal?

So you have a job or a legitimate business and you have some money; ok, next thing a girl wants to know before deciding to date you is how liberal you are with your money. No girl wants a stingy boyfriend. Girls like guys who can just give money without them asking. It’s not enough to have the money do you spend it? Think about that.

How’s your living arrangement

Do you still live with mummy? Do you live alone? Or with friends? Every girl wants to know if she would be comfortable coming over to her boyfriend’s and spending weekends. And this will also make her know the type of person you are – a mummy’s boy or a man.


A girl can still choose to date you, even if you don’t have a job. In this situation, her concern would be, are you trying? Do you have potentials? Are you hardworking? Or you just feel comfortable where you are?  No girl likes a purposeless person or a lazy man. Do you have a life? Or plan to get one?

Your history

Were you gay? Were you an armed robber? Did you do drugs? Are you still connected to your ex? Were you or are you a player? Girls like to know. They would ask, some directly; others indirectly. I think it is always best to open up at the start of a relationship to avoid some backlash later on – finding out the truth later would do more harm than good.


How do you treat people? Your family? Are you a nice calm Christian brother? Or are you a mean ‘I-don’t-care person? Do you have anger issues? She’d want to find out these basic information because she obviously would want to know the type of person she’d be dating, if she could handle your attitude or nah.

Health status

Are you healthy? HIV positive? Kidney failure? Do you have allergies? Will you fall and die any minute? (lol)

No one obviously wants to get infected with an incurable disease let’s be sincere.


For me, as a girl, I think this is the most important; we girls love good looking guys. These are some of the little things that we pretty look out for: is your hair well shaved? Your beard well trimmed? Your nails clean? Your cloths clean and well ironed? Are you handsome? Do you have nice footwear? Does your mouth smell fresh? How is your Cologne?

So basically girls like guys who can take good care of themselves; who pay attention to the type of things they wear.

No one wants to date a tacky guy with no sense of style. Your personal hygiene is like upmost, please smell nice.

What do you want out of the relationship?

If you want to date me, the question that would be going on in my mind would be, where is would this relationship lead us? Is marriage going to be on the table? Or is it only sex you want?

Do I want what you want too? This is important too; no girl wants to be a play thing. She would want to know whether the relationship would be serious or not and if she wants what you want too.


Is she sexually attracted to you? Lots of girls won’t date guys they aren’t sexually attracted to. Honestly that would feel like dating your brother.

I can go on and on about what girls look out for before really considering dating a guy, but, I guess you get the point and these are enough for now. Oh, let me just add that religion matters too, ethnicity to some.

So good luck trying to impress future bae; girls really are easy to please. Just act right and you might just win her heart. Key is to aim to impress, sweep her off her feet!

Can you do that?

Drop your comments let me know what you think.

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