Month: April 2016

Rivers State Government Will Partner With CBN For Commercial Agric Development

Governor Nyesom Wike said his government is seriously interested in commercial agricultural development; he had said that the government’s main focus would be oil palm and cassava production. Wike made this statement on Tuesday as he received Mr. Kazeem Adekunle-Alaka who is the Port Harcourt Branch Controller, Central Bank of Nigeria.

How To Act On A First Date

We all agree that humans are a little bit too difficult to please, We tend to jump into conclusion a little bit too early and we might even start judging people we don’t know at first glance. If you laugh ‘too much’ you’re a clown and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you frown ‘a lot’ you don’t have a sense of humor or you’re a sadist. Knowing this about people, I don’t understand how you’ll go on a first date with

4 Very Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Is it just me or have mosquitoes become fatter and more troublesome? They seem to be immortal these days. I really hope it’s just me. As Nigerians, mosquitoes are not new to us, we are constantly battling with these destructive little devils that won’t let you sleep. As if that isn’t enough they give malaria too. People with sensitive skin like me suffer most from mosquito bites, because once we scratch it starts rising and often leaves a black mark. So for people allergic to mosquito bites,

Tackling The Crux Of Insurgency In Nigeria

Insurgency is a deliberate and organised rebellion with a sole objective to oust a constituted government or authority by means of callous acts perpetrated by unscrupulous elements. It’s no longer new to Nigerians at home and those in the diaspora, that the activities of the so called insurgents have crippled economic activities in the North and other parts of the country. Their operations have made previous administrations in our country look incompetent and unable to change the plight of Nigerians.

Why You Should Be Eating Catfish

We all love Catfish! I’m not talking about people who posse as other people on social media. I mean the fish. So yeah, we all love catfish. They taste great, whether you choose to boil or roast it; I really dunno if you can fry catfishes – I think I should try that … I’m sure it would taste great as always. Anyways, apart from its great taste, there are many great things about catfishes – health wise. Check these out:

When Is The Right Time To Break A Relationship And Why?

There was this story on my timeline (Twitter) the other day; so this lady had been dating a guy for 14 years and last Christmas he broke up with her and got engaged to another lady. (As a girl) I was furious. I blabbed about how wicked men were. But then one of my Twitter followers kept saying the lady should also share some of the blame for being treated that way. So let’s analyze this

My Favorite Shawarma Joints In Port Harcourt

Whoever said food is life wasn’t kidding, or was it water? I really don’t care though, food…water, they are life. I am a foodie, I absolutely love food; if it’s good I’ll eat it. I love anything from junk food to salad. I’ve eaten almost every kind of food in Port Harcourt, from local to intercontinental … Who in Nigeria doesn’t know what Shawarmas are? The most famous junk food I would say, yummy wrapped delicious creamy goodness, I don’t even care how much calories it packs, I just love it. For someone who eats