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What I Learned In Four Years of Going To The University of Port Harcourt

I spent four years at the University of Port Harcourt, studying a course nicknamed ‘Lipstick and Fornication’. It’s actually ‘Linguistic and Communication Studies’, but I heard my senior colleagues where all about fashion then. You know those people that would wear stilettos and really hot dresses to class? Most of them would be from my department. That was then though, we hardly wear heels to class now but we still dress really hot.

Considering our learning environment, I would love to congratulate anyone who graduated from LCS. You are mighty strong; if you need to know why you should probably go to Uniport’s Convocation Arena, because LCS students are usually over 300 in a class. We used to have our classes at the Convocation Arena because coincidentally the department had no lecture halls. So sitting on the hard concrete for over 3 years and practically learning outside was task we had to go through every day.

Brethren, I’m really not here to tell tales of woes. I enjoyed my University days. Really memorable years, although I really won’t want to go back.

Uniport is a great school, with all types of characters. The crazy, the calm, the good, the bad, the bold, the sane, the insane; you’ll meet all of them.

After four years and finally graduating, here is what I have learnt

Your friends can make or mar you in school. Believe me. I know you came to school alone, so your certificate is yours alone; so don’t listen to what everyone says, do you!

Often times, most people you meet in the first week and become all buddy with will later become strangers or turn out to be mistakes, in retrospect, during your final year(s). So calm down, watch closely before you befriend.

Here is the thing:

You can work and play

But don’t overly play and do a little work. The reason most people’s 1st and 2nd year results are usually stellar but other following years poor is because they suddenly feel they have to live a little. Their eyes don tear – well good for you, you where blind now you can see, but so? You came to school to study! Don’t leave with a poor result because of flexing,

I had this really pretty half caste in my class, she had a night job at a bar, she was a party girl, yet the smartest person in the class. She did it so can you. Nobody said not to party and tour the country, but take your book with you and read it.

Going to class matters

Apart from marking attendance that the lecturers won’t even use, you’ll listen and get 1st hand info. Some topics might actually stick; you’d get a correct and complete note. You can ask and answer questions too.

Believe me, classes are more fun than reading, no matter how boring the lecturer is.

Oh, BTW, don’t be like me

I used to go to class and sit at the back chatting with friends nonstop. You have all the time in the world to chat a few hours off it won’t kill you.

Cultivate an excellent spirit

As a student, you should always aim to perform excellently no matter the limitations. As a first year student this ought to be your number one priority.

Hang out with friends who actually want to read, they helped me. I can’t be in a room of people reading and just be staring.

So studious friends actually make you want to read even if you’re just deceiving yourself and staring at the open book.

I never got into any trouble with any lecturer because I only went and said to them necessary academic things; I didn’t go all buddy-buddy with them … So if you want to get close to any lecturer better watch well.


I can hardly go anywhere in Uniport and not meet someone I know. Now this is good as it is tiring, but let me tell you, I’ve received lots of favours and it always feels great to walk past a department and saying hello to people you know and people saying hello back to you. There’s this superstar feeling you get. Plus if you ever want to go for a student elective position, like president of the Student Union Government, you’d have friends everywhere to help with campaign.

Anyways, that’s basically it, if you want to succeed in Uniport, choose friends who will help you, don’t forget to study, you can party and travel and anything but study, then socialize. School isn’t just all about books, you might learn from peers what no book in the world can teach you.

Plus, be nice, you never know who you’ll meet in the future.

I hope your university days are as memorable as mine.

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