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Girls: This is how you treat your boyfriend

Good men are hard to find; it’s hard to meet a man who is everything that you want and more. They are hard to find but they exist, so my advice to the lucky ladies in a healthy relationship filled with love? Keep your man. For those not in relationships yet, don’t worry, you’ll find a good guy soon. Anyways back to today’s topic; and this goes out to all the ladies out there. This is how to treat your boyfriend.

Take care of your man more than he takes care of himself

To start with, guys are big babies. When you look past the muscles and hard face, you’ll see a little boy craving constant love. So whatever you do, always endeavor to take care of your man more than he takes care of himself.

Provide good stomach infrastructure

No matter how this present generation gets all modern, the way to a man’s heart is still his stomach. Feed him with good food. Pamper him. Pay him compliments every little chance you get. A little “hey babe, nice haircut, ooh I love how you smell, nice tie…” never hurt nobody. It’s really not that hard.

Once in a while, gift him

Yea, he’s a man, but he loves gifts too. Even the tiniest cuff links could mean a lot to your man. A gift shows you’re thinking about him.

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Let him be the man

Do not attempt to emasculate him. Let him make the manly choices in the relationship; trust me decision making is hard, it’s his job, let him do it. Ask for his advice on things going on in your life – it will make him feel important and give you guys things to talk about too.

Support him

This might be hard; but important. For someone like me, this is really hard because I constantly have something to say, but its best to shut up, nod and smile at times. You should be his greatest cheerleader; remember that Omi’s song? “Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader…?” Your man should sing that about you. Be his backbone. Don’t go bullying him into changing his mind on anything (Of course when you feel it’s a stupid plan you should chip it in subtly and then let him decide if he wants to carry on or not).

Desire him

Guys absolutely love it when you desire them and show it. He shouldn’t be the one always initiating sex; take your boo by surprise and do something spontaneous. We all want to be wanted you know, so show him you want him.

Appearance is key

Look beautiful for him, guys are moved by what they see. Don’t let yourself go because you guys are dating now, look good for him, smell good too.

Do not nag

Stop nagging – it isn’t sexy! There are ways to make a point without acting like a total (female dog) guys hate nags.

Affirm him, always

Tell your boyfriend you love him. It might not mean anything to people these days but when you’re in a relationship and you two love each other, looking into your partners eyes and whispering “I love you” could really mean a lot.

Do stuff together

You don’t necessarily have to buy your man a car to show him how much you love him; but you can go for walks together. Sit with him at the mechanics. This is someone you care about, so show him how much you care, how much you enjoy his company; it’s crazy how much the little things matter.

You are his girlfriend, not his mother

OK, here’s the most important one, like everybody men want to be left alone sometimes; you have to learn to study your man’s mood; is he happy? Is he feeling down? Know what your man wants to do when moody, and let him be.

Finally, it is important to know when to say no or yes, and when to put your foot down. Remember also that guys are big babies and they need some strictness in their life sometimes.

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