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Please Do Not Rape Me!

Rape happens to be a very touchy subject in this part of the world. Different people with different opinions. Some very unbelievable, some just outright bizarre! I saw a tweet the other day, that if a 50 years old man chose to rape a 13 years old girl, it’s because there are loose women everywhere and he must have had no choice than to go for a girl whose vagina was still be fresh and tight … and then the tweet ended with “This is my opinion, let it be.” I felt sick immediately!

I sat down and really thought of reasons why anybody will even resort to violence just to have sex that will probably last for five minutes and I couldn’t come up with any. Sex is so cheap that very little amount of money can get you sex if you REALLY MUST have it and there’s no other way.

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It breaks my heart when I hear statements like “Good for her/him” when someone is said to have been raped. It’s never good for anyone to get raped – male or female. And don’t tell me “It’s their fault that they get raped.” How?

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Some persons are of the opinion that “We close our doors at night because we are aware of thieves so women should dress decent to avoid getting raped.”

That makes me ask, are you saying we should dress everyday with the “I might get raped today” consciousness? Is there a “You can’t rape me” kind of clothe? What about the people raping children? Do they look at these babies and think “Oh what a sexy diaper, let me take it off?”

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We should learn how to stand firmly against this cruelty and make sure offenders get punished because there is really no justification for rape.

Can we talk about what this evil act does to its victims? Emotionally? Psychologically? Physically? Health wise?

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I hear people say it’s mostly women screaming foul when they get raped. My question is, why do men keep quiet when they get raped? Do they think it’s okay? Why do they never speak up? Some even brag about being molested when they were growing up; why would anyone sensible person ever brag about having sex against their will at a tender age?

Someone said to me that it is not possible to rape a man but I say to you, it is possible and a whole lot of men have experienced it but again society comes to play. Some men feel that if they should say they got raped, Society most likely won’t believe them; besides there is the fear of being termed ‘weak’ because, of course, the norm in this part of the world is “A man is always on top, a man is supposed to be stronger than the woman, physically and mentally,” therefore a woman can’t rape a man.

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This is what we need to treat, the fact that people think it’s okay to rape anybody. IT IS NOT OKAY TO RAPE ANYONE. And rape has nothing to do with a girl’s way of dressing. I can go on and on, but I will just say this: Don’t teach me how to dress, tell them not to rape me.

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