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6 Pleasing Facts About The Vagina

Through the years, different names have been coined for the ladybits; vagina. I bet you and your friends even have a cool nickname for it.

I saw this movie once, I bet most of you have too. ‘OITNB’ where a group of female friends didn’t know they had two ‘holes’ down there … that’s apart from the anal hole. They didn’t know that the pee hole and the sex hole where different. Pretty amusing aye? But believe me, it’s happening in real life too, people don’t know all that they should about the vagina; giving rise to a lot of misconceptions around it – some silly, some quite understandable.

Here are 6 pleasing facts about the little girl who lives down the lane.

1.Did you know that the Vagina isn’t really what we know as Vagina?

It’s not the whole intimate part, it can’t even be seen, what most of us call vagina is actually the Vulva, which compromises of, the labia, clitoris, clitoral hood, and then, the opening to the actual miss sexy, and the urethra. The vadge is actually an internal structure. They didn’t teach us that in biology, or did they?

2.It’s self cleaning

Important one! Stop trying to change the way it smells by douching or washing the inside with soaps. Just like you can’t change the way it looks stop trying to change the way it smells. It smells fine (well, except it does not and in that case you may need to see a specialist). The vagina contains friendly bacteria that clean and protect it, so if you clean constantly you run the risk of killing these bacteria and getting an infection.

All you need to do is just to wash with water and you’re good to go. Don’t listen to all these yeye boys telling you to smell like peaches, if you get an infection they’d run away fast!!! Washing the vagina with vanilla strawberry and chocolate scented soaps won’t make it any better.

3) Once a Hymen is broken, it’s broken!

Even if you abstain from sex for 50 years, there is no growing back of the Hymen. However, if you are so desperate to be a ‘virgin’ again, that can be achieved through a surgery called Hymen Repair by which the hymen is reconstructed and voila, you’re a virgin again. Quite expensive though. So if you feel you want to be a virgin again, you should probably start saving about $5,000 because you’re Hymen ain’t coming back together!

4.The vagina is elastic

Exhibit A: babies come out of it. But before this happens, you should probably note that it goes back to its normal size. Yes, after sex, no matter the size of the penis, the vagina returns to its normal or former size before penetration. Some of us have always been made to believe that the big guys stretch it out, well the people that study it disagree, they say only child birth can stretch it out . Doesn’t mean you should poke anything and everything in though.

5) It is not a black hole

I bet you’ve heard stories where people had stuff like candle, cucumber etc broken in the vage? Well, Miss V isn’t a black hole. Thanks to the cervix wall. It doesn’t swallow things – if something or some objects got lost in it, all you have to do is squat and really push and out, it would fall. If it doesn’t, then you may need to see a Gynecologist and he’ll painlessly take it out.

6. It stores bacteria

Don’t be scared about the bacteria in your vagina; they really are friendly. They are the same found in yogurt, yes! Yogurt we drink every day! Protect these bacteria or you’ll have to fight against worse bacteria.

And please, try not to stick edible things in there (the vagina is not a shrine that you need to offer sacrifices), or try to change the way it tastes or smells by putting syrups in it. Infections are real!

Discharges are totally normal, well except if it starts itching, smells and looks cloudy then you should seek help from a professional.


Exercise. Aha!, yes, exercises help your vagina too, like sex does. But too much of everything is bad, abi? For the exercise, which helps tighten the muscle; the kegel exercise, it’s really just clamping your miss sexy vee as if stopping urine flow, then hold for about 10 seconds and release. Quite simple – you can do your kegels in a room full of people and no one would even notice. I read results are noticed in like a month.

That’s all folks.

Take good care of your vagina – that miss sexy vee. You only have one!

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