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Why Nobody Wants to Hire You

Here are 11 reasons why HR people don’t want to hire you.

I decided to compile some of the comments my professional HR colleagues were making on “why some people don’t get that job that they thought they were qualified for”. Some of the points they highlighted, I totally agreed with and some I don’t .
But it is always better to err on the side of caution.

1.You’re not a magical renaissance machine willing to work for less than what you’re worth

Unless you are in a highly technical field, don’t go asking for N500,000 per month salary as an entry level Graduate/Trainee. Pay your dues first with experience!

2.You don’t already have a job

Most employers want to hire a ‘fully baked’ professional with experience, not someone they have to teach the job.

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3.Your CV is terrible

Terrible, as in, ‘V-E-R-Y T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E’; full of grammatical errors. Do yourself a favour, edit your CV periodically.

4.You aren’t qualified

You were either over qualified or under qualified for that Job Role.

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5.You have a stupid email address

Could you believe a young job applicant who was supposed to be a graduate holding a fine Degree, coming in with an email address like: or


Even if you have such ‘stupid’ email addresses, that doesn’t mean you cannot open another more “responsibly-looking” address for official/professional use.

6.You’re tardy

The mere fact that you are late for an interview tells me that there is a likelihood that you are a disorganized person who doesn’t plan. Which employer would want to hire that type of individual?

7.You lied about your Qualifications and Job Duties

Believe me, HR people can sense the lies.

8.You’re not passionate enough

You failed to impress, coming across as someone who lacks self confidence. There is no life in your speech; as if you are tired of life or life is tired of you. Lol … In order words, don’t be boring and cause the interviewer to fall asleep.

9. You seem like a jerk online

Google your name and see what comes up.

10.You’re inarticulate

If the HR person is trying so hard to understand what you are saying, that means you are doing something wrong. (It’s like you are speaking Latin/French which s/he doesn’t understand)

11.You’re just not likable

You come across as arrogant or cocky.

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Finally, you might have been shortlisted for an interview. You prayed hard for success. You got there and you performed very well. And then you got home to wait for their call. On the day the HR executive decided to call, to inform you of the good news (that you had been hired!), it was either he/she heard Shakira come on stage with her hips that don’t lie, or Davido started with ‘Azonto,’ as your ring-back tune. Anways, the company man might have ended the call before you could even answer it.

Another scenario is your number becoming UNREACHABLE. You would think you missed a call but unknown to you, you just missed a job.

There are many reasons people lose job opportunities, including trivial ones like these. In the end, some youths would complain that there are no jobs or that they applied everywhere but no one called them back for interviews. Share with your friends, SO WE DON’T PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

And leave your comments in the comments section.

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