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How to Tell a Girl Her Vagina Stinks?

So Many Individuals are suffering from what I call the “Let-Me-Just-Manage-e-Go-Better” syndrome.

Even when my fellow Nigerians are so fed up with their situations, they be like, well “let me just manage, e go better”. I must say it’s the way we’ve been molded by this country into beings with very Hard Shell to help us wedge against seen and unseen circumstances.

Now how do you “let-me-manage-e-go-better” a girlfriend with Fishy smell? Should we pretend that some of our girlfriends vagina’s don’t stink? I hear someone say: no, I cannot date a girl who has a bad smell down there.

First of all, I would like to say it’s difficult to be a lady, “cliche” yeah I know. As a man, you must understand that “Vaginal Odor” is an ailment and can be caused by so many things other than what you think could be the obvious cause “Uncleanness”. Did you know when a Lady over cleans her Vagina, it could create a problem that results to bad odor too? I hear Men say: I like it Clean-shaved/beardless but do u know that can be a problem for the lady also?

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A name has been coined for this defect, it’s called “Bacterial Vaginosis”. There are so many things that can cause it even as far as the food she eats, the clothes and lingerie she wears etc. So next time when you say “I love ladies in tight red dresses, snug-fitting jeans, sexy tight panties” and when you say “I love a girl that is real, that will drink garri with me, eat eba at a “buka” with me, can pound yam very well and loves food not all this Chinese restaurant ladies” and when you be like “I don’t like condoms, my pull out game too Strong”, have it in mind that you might be the cause of at least one lady’s bacterial vaginosis problem…

Now, how do you tell your lady her vagina stinks? This could be the most difficult thing to do ever so please don’t do it! Yes, don’t do it and please don’t do “let-me-manage-e-go better” either. Lol ,confused? As much as you would like to say “damn babe you stink like rotten fish”, trust me, you don’t want to do that!! She already knows she has a problem and to be honest, that you didn’t voice it makes her want to lick your face with gratitude and for that reason, she would try everything necessary to make it right. It is curable, very much so and easy too; it’s when you make her feel very bad, that’s when it becomes difficult.

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Now, where does your help come in? Start by learning about this ailment. There’s a whole lot of information on the Internet. To start with you could say something like:

‘Babe, I read something interesting today, is it true that fruits make your vagina smell good? Did you know there are exercises that help your crotch? Can we just go on a Salad diet, I’m trying to be fit for you.’

‘Babe your soap is too harsh, doesn’t it make your vagina itch? Are those jeans comfortable? Can you not wear panties today?’

‘I am going to the doctor’s tomorrow for check up, would you like to go too?’

You can even make up stories to point her to the right direction, like:

‘Babe, I overheard two of my female colleagues talking about vaginal infection today, the way they were whispering, I wonder why something like that should be kept a secret, it’s a normal condition, they can just go to a doctor or pharmacy, to seek help.’

I believe this is a better way to communicate to a lady about this and if you are a lady and your girl-friend has this problem and you know about it, help her get help instead of telling everybody.

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