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Press Release: “I Have Made More Sacrifices for Ogoni Than My Critics” – Senator Abe

Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Rivers South East Senatorial District re-run election has said without mincing words that he has made more sacrifice for the cause of Ogoni than many of those criticizing him.

Speaking at a grand reception organized for him by the people of Luubara community in Khana Local Government Area, Abe said that he was a patriotic Ogoni son whose records speak for him.

He noted that when he was in the Senate, the Senate at that time, had closed acceptance of demand for state creation and that he used his influence to make it possible for the senate to receive the application for Bori state submitted by Chief Cyrus Nunien.

Abe further noted that when his bid for governorship of the state could not materialized because of the decision of the party, he did not make a personal demand rather presented the interest of Ogoni by asking for things that could be done for Ogoni people.

He cited the case of the implementation of the UNEP report, where he made frantic efforts to convince the former President Jonathan to implement the report without success.

He said that when he understood his body language that he was not prepared to bulge and it was beginning to be obvious that President Buhari would win, he told his party that they should grant him the request to meet President Buhari on the matter before the election.

This, he said, the former governor of Rivers state, Rt.Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, as the director general of Buhari campaign organization  granted.

Abe explained that he went to Sakpenwa with the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Ogoni Traditional Rulers, King GNK Giniwa, president of KAGOTE, president of MOSOP as well as cream of Ogoni leaders and handed over the request for the implementation of the UNEP report to President Buhari.

He stated that at that time, those who are in PDP now talking about UNEP report were organizing attacks against the contigents of Ogoni people going for the event.

“Many of our people were injured”,he said.

He also stated that his sacrifices were so many that he just could not recount them starting from when he was in the State House of Assembly, as a commissioner, Secretary to State Government and Senator.

He said this was the man (referring to himself) that today the PDP cohorts were burying at Bori in their politics of mudslinging.

He pointed out that there were many things he had done for his people and vowed to continue to do more for them whether in or out of power.

He said that it was shameful and regrettable that the likes of Senator Olaka Nwogu, Senator Lee Maeba, Kenneth Kobani, Dum Deekor and others could throw friendship away to carry on their heads and said they were burying Abe.

The former Secretary to Rivers state Government stated that he was not demoralized as the Ogoni man is one of the most enlightened person in Rivers state and he had been asking questions that how come the man who had made many sacrifices for his people could be the one killing his people and being buried?

He maintained that Ogoni people cannot be fooled.


Parry Saroh Benson

Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe

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